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Top 5 Jepara Hotel Sunset Beach resort

Vacation in Jepara, many exciting and interesting things that you can find, one of which you can stay at the Resort directly overlooking the white sand beach. Great facilities, see the sunrise and sunset, take pictures in spots that you can get instagramable.

Here are 5 contemporary resorts in Jepara that could be your consideration for staying. Top 5 Jepara Hotel Sunset Beach resort:

1. Hotel D'Season Premiere Jepara

If you are looking for a resort in Jepara with an atmosphere like home and friendly service, the D'Aseason Premiere Jepara resort can be the answer for your destination.

Each room in the resort has a minimalist, comfortable white design. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV, private bathroom, toiletries and free slippers, and there is an electric kettle and a balcony / terrace to relax. Staying at this resort, you can access free wifi in all areas.

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D'Season Premiere offers the sensation of swimming facing the beach directly. You can enjoy it in the morning or evening if you are worried about heat.

In the afternoon you will be able to enjoy the sunset while swimming or just sit on a chair available by the pool. Besides the pool there is also a small bar which provides snacks and various drinks that can accompany you while relaxing around the pool.

At the Resort d'Season Premiere Jepara also has a private beach, where you can have fun on this beach without worrying that the atmosphere is too crowded and crowded. Sitting on a beach chair and under a coconut tree can also be done at D’Season Resort. Beach chairs and a small gazebo on the beach provided are also one of the instagramable photo spots.

The beaches and parks that are available are an interesting mix for a photo and this spot can be found also at D'Aseason Premiere. Besides taking pictures, just sitting and chatting with friends or family is also very pleasant with the atmosphere of the beach and the shade of the trees.

If you have a private beach of course this resort also has its own sea area and there are swings in the middle of the sea. Not only that, other entertainment such as playing soccer and volleyball can also be done at this private beach. After a tired day of activities, you can enjoy the massage and spa services provided by this resort.

Location: Jl. Tourism No. 9, 59432 Jepara, Indonesia

Price range: Rp. 300,000 - Rp. 500,000

2. Ocean View Residence Hotel

A minimalist, simple and comfortable resort model offered by Ocean View Residence. This resort is located in Tegal Sambi Village, Jepara, only 5 minutes from the city center and Jepara Brothers Swalayan Mall.

For you young traveler here also provided free wifi and there are also instagramable spots.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV, minibar, electric kettle and terrace. The private bathroom serves a shower, toilet and free toiletries. So, after playing on the beach, wet and dirty, you can shower comfortably in the bathroom of the resort where you stay.

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The bedrooms available at Ocean View Residence are minimalist and homey, so after playing on the beach all day, you can rest comfortably.

For you traveler who likes the beach, Ocean View Residence is perfect for you because the white sandy beach is very close to the existing accommodation. Lodging at this resort also provides a spacious and comfortable family room, so you and your family can spend time together comfortably.

You can enjoy the swimming pool facilities at Ocean View Residence in the afternoon while enjoying a very beautiful sunset. Relaxing on the lounge chairs by the pool can be your "me time".

Not only that, the atmosphere of the night at the edge of the swimming pool is also very romantic, especially for those of you who are on vacation with your partner, dinner while enjoying the atmosphere is certainly increasing your appetite and your relationship with your partner more closely.

Many cool and cool spots in Ocean View Residence that you can use to fill the gallery on Instagram, of course.

There are spots located in the bungalows and spots directly located on the white sand beach. So it can be ascertained when you vacation there, you can get contemporary and cool photos.

At Ocean View you can relax by enjoying a massage or canoeing and fishing. Barbecue facilities are also available if you want it.

If you want you can continue to plunge into the shallow Jepara Sea. With all the pleasures offered it would not be enough if on vacation for just one or two days.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the beach morning, afternoon and evening are equally beautiful. You can capture every moment that is with loved ones

Location: Tegal Sambi Village, Rt 01, Rw 01, 59427 Jepara, Indonesia

Price range: Rp. 600,000 - Rp. 1,500,000

3. Palm Beach Resort Hotel

The resort which can be traveled only 5 minutes by walk from Bandengan Jepara Beach is a beautiful accommodation with outdoor facilities and wifi which can be accessed free of charge.

Each room at Palm Beach Resort has a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and electric kettle. In the private bathroom is offered bathtub or shower according to your wishes and slippers are available.

You can also enjoy views of the garden from inside the room or from the terrace available in each room. In the morning at sunrise you can see the beautiful sunset from the room because even to reach the shoreline only a few meters.

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To complete your vacation at Palm Beach Resort, try going around the park. Seeing greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of the city can refresh your mind.

Do you vacation with friends from work or with big family? You can play volleyball, tennis and badminton on this field. So it's more exciting right?

Outdoor swimming pool can be another option besides you playing water on the beach / sea. For your dining options and for family or friends, Palm Beach Resort provides delicious Asian and Western dishes.

Location: Jl. Tirto Samudra No 191, 59432 Jepara, Indonesia

Price Range: Rp. 700.00 - Rp. 1,300,000

4. Breve Azurine Lagoon Resort

Breve Azurine Lagoon Resort is a resort with luxurious facilities and affordable prices starting from 3 million rupiah per person, you can stay at this resort and enjoy every available facility.

This resort is very strategic because it takes 15 minutes to travel on the island of Karimun, Java. By staying at this resort, you can get easy access to various recreational areas in Karimunjawa National Park.

The bungalows that are located near the pier can be your choice to enjoy the view both in the morning and at dusk. Spot in the bungalow can also be your photo spot.

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Sitting on a bridge to photograph or make a vlog by jogging on this bridge will make a photo or video very cool because it is supported by the scenery. No need to worry about the camera that you brought exposed to sea water because the flow of water in the sea is very calm.

A comfortable bedroom equipped with a mosquito net that can avoid mosquito disturbance you can get at this resort. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning and a flat-screen cable TV.

The facilities at Breve Azurine Lagoon Resort are complete because in this resort there are air conditioning, bathroom, billiards, canoes, coffee shops, sunrise view meeting rooms, free wifi, etc. So not only playing at the beach or pool, you can do many interesting things at this resort with your family.

If you want to relax and enjoy the sunset from the Jepara sea with just a few steps from the room, you can choose a room unit that has a porch / terrace because not all rooms are provided porch / terrace.

So you definitely get a porch room, you can book it in advance.

And if you get bored all day playing on the beach and sea water? You can swim in the outdoor swimming pool.

Location: Karimunjawa Island, 59455 Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Price: Rp. 2,200,000 - Rp. 4,200,000

5. Kura Kura Resort

Kura Kura resort is on a separate island or different from Karimunjawa Island, which is located on Menyawakan Island, Karimunjawa.

You can access it by taking a private mini plane or speed boat provided by Kura Kura Resort. Want to calm down for a moment from the bustle in the office or from the noise of living in urban areas, Kura Kura resort can be your vacation choice.

The private poll provided will make your swimming activities more comfortable because only you and your partner or family enjoy this pool facility.

Sitting relaxed on a sofa provided complete with a glass of cocktail to enjoy the sunset can be a perfect closing activity for your day. You can find seafood processed dishes at this resort.

Because the location of the resort is very close to the sea, so processed seafood that is served is definitely still awake freshness.

Location: Menyawakan Island, Karimunjawa Archipelago, Indonesia, 50049

Price: Rp. 2,500,000 - Rp. 10,000,000

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