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Furniture Products in This Store are Different

Furniture products in this shop are different from the others. Prospective buyers can order according to the desired model.

Piguno Furniture is a native Indonesian furniture development company that has been providing furniture products since 1993. This furniture shop in the outskirts of Solo City has furniture products that are different from other store products.

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Marketing Piguno Hartono Solo, Loui Astrido explained the advantages of Piguno compared to other furniture.

"The advantage of Piguno compared to other furniture is the original design manufacture, based on research and development," he added.

Homemade design is the result of research and development of the company. In addition, Piguno Furniture accepts orders according to the desired design and model.

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"We (Piguno) can request by order or can order according to the desired model," Loui said.

Piguno provides a variety of interior equipment from all corners of the house. Products in Piguno began to have living sets (dining rooms), dining sets (dining rooms), study sets (study rooms and office spaces), bed sets (bedrooms), caddy showers (bathroom accessories), buffets, console sets (rooms dressing), wardrobe (small and large closets), lighting with unique designs, shoe racks, and dividers (room dividers).

Furniture materials in Piguno include teak, mindi wood, mahogany, mango wood, frangipani wood, tamarind wood, and synthetic rattan.

More information about Piguno products can come directly to the lower ground Hartono Mall, Jl Ir. Soekarno, Solo Baru, Sukoharjo. Or come to the furniture gallery on Jl Bokor Kencono (South Batik Keris) Cemani, Sukoharjo.

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Its location from the Sriwedari Stadium to the south, the red light of the Indah Palace Hotel to the west, the Piguno is to the south of the Keris Batik Factory. The Piguno Penggung showroom address is located at Jl Solo-Yogya KM 26, Penggung, Ceper, Klaten, Central Java. Piguno also has a showroom at Season City Mall Jakarta.

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