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Mindi Wood as an Alternative Material for Jepara Furniture

Mindi wood is one of the alternative raw materials for making Jepara furniture. As has been widely known by the general public, teak and mahogany are the main raw materials in the jepara furniture industry, almost all small and large scale furniture manufacturers use this wood as raw material for making their products.

But it turns out that there are many other raw materials used for making jepara furniture, one of which is mindi wood. What is mindi wood and how is the character of the wood and how we conclude as one of the Jepara furniture craftsmen about whether or not mindi wood is good for furniture.

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Explanation of Mindi Wood

Wood or mindi tree is one of group II - III hardwoods, meaning that the wood is quite hard but not too strong compared to teak or mahogany. This wood can grow quickly and can reach a fairly large diameter. if the explanation of where it came from, the Latin name and the others we submit to wikipedia only, we share based on the practice of the field directly.

Mindi wood sold in Jepara is available in the form of logs and also sawn timber aka dry board ready to use. Prices vary depending on the size and condition of the goods. what we mean by the condition of the goods is a board or broken log or not, because in our opinion the main disease of mindi wood is its tendency to break which is not infected. if drying is not really serious it will be a problem that makes stress in the future. this is only a small part of mindi's lack of wood, but before we just told about its superiority.

Advantages of Mindi Wood

The fiber is good ... this is the only advantage of mindi wood in our opinion, straight and neat wood fibers make the final appearance of the furniture products that look luxurious ... because of the luxury of mindi wood, there are also many who are asking for veneer in order for top class furniture use mindi wood veneer, you know ... it's as cute as possible.

yes there is also the advantage of mindi wood, but not the price, because the price of mindi wood is now almost the same as mahogany, even though a few years ago the price of one cubic of mahogany wood could get 2 cubic meters of Mindi wood, now due to market demand high, prices rise. yes that's the law of trading supply and demand ... says my friends.

The advantage is the ease with which the workmanship is carried out, the wood is not too hard so it works well, it is crisp when shaved and lightly lifts up. if there are other advantages of mindi wood that you all need to add, please comment in the column ...

The disadvantages ...

Many ... but don't worry, all weaknesses of mindi wood can be overcome by good and right treatment by jepara furniture producers. if it isn't correct, it's broken: D
It's easy to break ... this is really annoying in our experience, getting a nice log, bullet it straight ... with the hope that it will be a good board later if it is split. arrived at the sawmill, split ... duarr ...! broken. dizzy ... the solution to this problem is ... we don't know, just let go of the wood we just do ... but let it not break again if it's already made of goods with maximum drying.

The second weakness of the mindi is that it is easily attacked by pests, perhaps because this type of wood is not too hard so it is soft for the teeth of the pest. maybe this is ... the solution, soak the mindi wood board into a wood-based anti-pest solution before entering the oven drying. this method is quite effective in our experience, but if you want to ensure the death of wood-eating pests, boil it using an anti-pest solution, not just dipping it. it can be sure to die until the eggs mature ...

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Another disadvantage is that it is easily curved in a longitudinal or wide direction. pay attention to the construction of furniture that you want to make, make sure you have good construction. discuss with the furniture craftsman that you want to pay for, how good is it not to curve.

Our conclusions

Mindi wood for good furniture if you want furniture that has good fiber appearance with a lower price than teak wood, the main thing is if you want natural wood fiber, it's good to use this wood.

But don't use mindi wood if:
  • Want outdoor furniture that gets hot rain
  • Want painted furniture, because unfortunately the fibers cover the paint, just use mahogany
  • Want furniture that needs extra strength, for example, level cots, built in cabinets, heavy duty gazebo etc.
  • Want super long and wide size table leaves. it's okay to make a 4 meter long 1.5 meter wide dining table using mindi wood, but our advice is not ... don't
Well ... so sharing our experience about Kayu Mindi, what if it is used for raw materials for Jepara furniture, please if someone wants to add or correct. thank you...

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