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Business idea: Production of Bio Fireplaces

Business idea: Production of bio fireplaces

Purchase of materials - 25 thousand rubles.
Profit per month - 155 thousand rubles.
Payback period - 0.5 months.

Fireplaces are rapidly gaining their popularity. They can be installed in apartments, cottages, offices and restaurants. At the same time for their installation does not need to install the chimney and perform additional construction work. The installation of such fireplaces does not require coordination with the fire service. All biofireplaces are environmentally friendly: carbon dioxide emitted during the combustion of biofuels does not contain toxins and is completely harmless to health. The only requirement for people with such fireplaces is to air the room regularly.

It is easy to make biofireplaces with your own hands, while the cost of producing such a fireplace is minimal. And you, having started such a simple matter, will easily find your niche in the market of goods and services.

Manufacturing technology.

For the manufacture of biofireplace the following materials are used: silicone sealant, glass, glass cutter, metal mesh, medium-sized pebbles or stones and a metal box. As a grid the construction grid perfectly will approach. It is also necessary to purchase fuel for bio fireplaces and a cord to create a wick.
First, a glass casing is made - the future chimney screen. To do this, take a glass thickness of 3mm. If the glass is not at hand, you can disassemble the photo frames and remove the glass from them.

The glass is cut to the size of the metal box. All glass elements are connected with a sealant, which then has to dry for a day. To make the fireplace screen more accurate, you should clean the stains and excess sealant with a blade.

The fuel block of a biofireplace can serve as a usual metal cache-pot. The main thing is that the glass casing made earlier is well attached to it. Do not take too small a box: in this case, the glass may burst when heated.

The metal mesh is pre-cut to the size of the box. Fuel for a biofireplace is located only in a metal can, which is then installed in a metal box and covered with the mesh cut by us. You can put the grid in several layers. Then stones are laid on the net. In this design, they serve not only as a decorative element, but also contribute to the uniform distribution of heat between the grating and the glass case. A wick made of lace is placed in an open can of fuel.

The fuel tank lasts for a couple of hours of burning. To reuse the fuel bank is replaced with a new one. You can carefully pour the fuel and in the same shape, pushing the stones aside.
You can prepare the fuel yourself by mixing medical alcohol and gasoline for refueling lighters. Mix in the proportion of 90% alcohol and 10% gasoline. Shake biofuel before use.

1 liter of Biofuel burns for 2 to 4 hours depending on the combustion chamber.
No need to use chimney. No electricity or gas connection required. No soot, smoke and dirt. No additional costs (installation specialist, chimney sweep, maintenance, etc.). Bio-fireplace can be used all year round (in summer on the terrace, in the winter in the apartment).
Ideal for an apartment, winter garden, home or office.

Access to the client can be made according to the following schemes:

1. Radio, television, Internet, advertising in print, leaflets and booklets.
2. Agree with construction companies and teams, and go to customers directly through them.
3. To sell manufactured fireplaces to the builders themselves.

However, you can choose any option of cooperation, as well as the process of manufacturing biofireplaces. Not all hands grow from the right places, and not everyone knows how to sell, search for customers and make deals. Not necessarily possess building skills. You can simply find a suitable specialist and promote the service and product, while earning good money and providing your neighbor with work.

We calculate the approximate profit.

The cost of production of a single fireplace is from 1 to 2 thousand rubles. depending on the size. And the cost of the smallest desktop biofireplace starts from 5 thousand rubles. The cost of a popular fireplace with a 5 liter tank starts from 15 thousand rubles. Making a month 10 fireplaces worth 15 thousand rubles. and 10 desktop for 5 thousand rubles. We receive an income of 200 thousand rubles. Subtract the cost of 25 thousand rubles., Advertising costs 10 thousand rubles. and other expenses of 10 thousand rubles., we get 155 thousand rubles. net profit, excellent result.

Biofireplaces are not a temporary fashion trend, but a new word in the construction and decoration of the interior, which means it is a solid prospect of career development and confidence in the future! I wish you success!

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