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Top 10 Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Jepara Furniture is the world's largest producer of quality furniture and furniture exports. Many of Indonesia's best furniture manufacturers are well recognized for their performance, but we chose 10 of the best furniture sales exports to the global market. Jepara is the center of the world's fastest growing furniture manufacturer and the most popular exporter of furniture. Jepara is also a segmented and competitive Indonesian furniture market. The best Indonesian furniture manufacturers in Jepara are expected to be a market determinant in the domestic furniture industry and furniture exporters.

Jepara Furniture Manufacturers determine the Indonesian furniture industry, which also determines the export of furniture worldwide every year. Jepara has contributed significantly to the country's furniture manufacturing sector every year. Teak furniture and rattan furniture products are in great demand in the local and international markets. So that Indonesia became the 4th largest furniture exporter in the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Who is the most meritorious contribution to the country in this Furniture sector? Here is the best manufacturing furniture company in Indonesia:

Top 10 Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

1. AlMahyra Furnindo

ALMAHYRA FURNINDO is a site for furniture store production and sales of Jepara furniture that located in Jepara, Central Java. Besides that, it also sells various kinds of teak root furniture, for example teak root furniture and homedecor.

AlMahyra are manufacturers of Indonesian Furniture and have been sale quality wholesale furniture for the past eleven years. We have a proven reputation of providing quality teak root furniture products to retailers, hotel and resorts and interior designers. Almahyra Furnindo should be your first stop when sourcing teak root furniture for your customers, hotel and resort projects.

Apart from being an online furniture store and Jepara teak furniture store, ALMAHYRA FURNINDO is exporter of indoor and outdoor teak root and recycled furniture products quality teak furniture with artistic value from Jepara teak root furniture, with the main material of teak root.

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2. CV Kayuku

Jepara Furniture Prices are part of CV Kayuku. Until now Jepara furniture is still widely sought after by lovers of Jepara furniture in Indonesia.

Kayuku CV is part of a Jepara furniture company that focuses on cafes and restaurant chairs.
This company is located at:
Jl. Raya Pasar Batealit, Bringin Rt 01 Rw 01 Batealit Jepara, Dukuh Singgahan, Desa Bringin, Kec. Batealit, Jepara Regency, Central Java 59461
Web: hargamebel .com 

CV. Kayuku manufactures wooden furniture products, indoor teak, rattan and fiber furniture, Classics furniture, Outdoor furniture, Synthetic rattan, and handicrafts. The furniture products produced by CV. Kayuku Furniture are exported to major countries such as Japan, Korea, India, UAE, Spain, Germany, France, the United States, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and others.


VIVERE Group (PT Gema Graha Sarana), for the past three decades, the company has grown to more than 1,000 employees and a recognized brand in interior contracts, mechanical services, manufacturing and components of furniture, office furniture, furniture and home appliances.

4. Jeparabot Furniture

Jeparabot Furniture is a furniture manufacturer and exporter of Indonesian wood furniture with major furniture products in indoor wood furniture, French antique furniture, and antique English-American furniture and Mahogany furniture. Jeparabot makes high quality mahogany furniture, sometimes combined with rattan wicker depending on the design.

5. Lio collection

Lio Collection is a furniture company from Bali founded by Danish businessman Christos Vassilios Liokouras. Lio Collection is a well-known brand for indoor and outdoor furniture and interior products. Lio Collection also focuses on exporting a diverse mix of furniture and interior products from Bali to restaurants, hotels, retailers and wholesale customers in more than 40 countries.

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6. Chitose International

Chitose International is a furniture manufacturer and exporter that focuses on steel furniture production. Chitose has developed products based on ergonomic furniture research. From folding chairs, which have become icons of the Indonesian iron furniture industry, Chitose produces more than 200 variants of furniture and hospital beds. Chitose can produce an annual furniture production volume of more than 1.2 million units and is able to export to more than 34 countries worldwide.

7. Gema Grahasarana Tbk

Gema Grahasarana is an interior contractor and furniture manufacturer that has three main business lines, namely 1) interior contract services and mechanical electrical installation and maintenance services; 2) Office and furniture making; and 3) Trade and distribution of office and residential furniture. Gema Grahasarana is also a major furniture supplier for many international clients including IKEA, Wallstreet Institute etc.

8. Integra Indocabinet

Integra Indocabinet is a wood furniture manufacturer in Sidoarjo (East Java), which produces indoor and outdoor furniture for homes, offices and hotels as well as wooden doors, wooden window frames. Even also producing other wood and rattan based products. In addition to furniture and other wood products, Integra Indocabinet is also an agent for selling industrial wood.

9. Kalingga Jati

Kalingga jati is a teak furniture manufacturer and exporter of teak furniture located in Jepara Indonesia. Kalingga Jati has more than 30 years of experience operating in the furniture manufacturing business. Kalingga produces outdoor teak furniture, such as teak tables, teak chairs, and teak garden furniture sold well domestically and internationally.

10. Wooden Rides

Wahana Kayu is a furniture manufacturer and exporter having its address at Jepara. Wahana Kayu uses the best choice ingredients from teak, mahogany and other local wood. Wahana also combines a combination of wood with other materials such as metal, rattan, stainless etc. to produce high-quality contemporary and modern furniture products 

11. Jepara Gallery Furniture

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