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Teak Root Furniture From Almahyra Furnindo Jepara Produces High Quality

Teak wood is known as a type of tree that produces high quality furniture. Various furniture products or other furniture and accessories can be produced from the processing of teak wood. However, have you seen or know of various multifunctional products and interesting accessories made from teak root?

Maybe for some people, teak roots are just trash or unfit for use that is left alone. But not for craftsmen from Jepara. With one or two touches of art, in their hands, these teak roots become high-value products.

Yuli Kusdiyanto, owner of Almahyra Furnindo, explained that all of its products are made from teak root, and are functional products. Teak wood, according to him, has its own advantages, more than that, it is widely known by the public as a wood-producing tree that can be processed into various quality, unique, and interesting products.

“The quality of teak wood is undeniable. And the roots are usually just released, some even take them to be used as firewood. For that we take advantage of the roots and then make various unique products like this," said Yuli.

“We make use of something that is thrown away or waste, which is not normally used. So in other words, I am a scavenger of teak roots, which we then process into various value-added products like this one.” Yuli explained.

As for the manufacturing process, starting from cleaning and then lathe the chunks of roots. This stage is not done arbitrarily, because the craftsmen must be keen to read and see the character, shape and structure of the roots or veins of the wood.

“The work follows the shape and character of the roots, as well as the wood veins. If the root shape is like a bowl, then we will make it like that. Or if the shape is like an urn, and so on, we will follow. This is a very decisive and main stage in production,” he explained.

The next stage is sanding. “This stage does take some time. There are several sandpaper numbers that we use to achieve this kind of result.”

The teak roots are imported from several areas in East Java. “We are working with local communities who have a lot of teak root waste. Thus, economically they can also get income from selling these teak roots,” said Yuli.

Since starting production, his business has produced a variety of interesting products, such as cutting boards, trays, fruit baskets, fish holders, and various types of bowls, such as erosion bowls, placemats. There are also coasters and spoon variants, wooden plates, and various other functional products.

Other products that are no less unique and interesting from the teak root are various types of tables, such as dining tables, dressing tables complete with mirrors, chairs, sketches, jars, and others.

“Many products can be made from the roots of this teak wood. And we also accept orders for various products and accessories from the teak root,” he said.

Finishing is the final stage in producing a product. Through this process, a product will look more attractive. The same is true for Yuli, but only 'environmentally friendly' finishing is appropriate for its products, especially products that come into direct contact with food.

“This is what distinguishes our product from others. All of our products from the teak root are made naturally, without using any polish or varnish, so they are safe for food," he explained.

"Although the raw material is from 'waste', it is safe to use, because it is natural, without chemicals," he said.

Since being produced, products from teak root furniture have been marketed to various regions in Indonesia. The three regions that are the biggest market absorbers, apart from East Java, are Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

“Bali is a very good market for our products. There, we distribute it to several resellers to be re-marketed,” he said. Meanwhile, prices are set from IDR15.000 to millions of rupiah.

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