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Indonesia, a fun tourist destination

Indonesia is 18 thousand islets unlike each other with excellent beaches, extraordinary above- and underwater nature. Relaxing with the Emperum company here will appeal to both adherents of comfort (especially in Bali) and lovers of solitude and pristine nature (a vivid example is the wild but cute Sulawesi and its authentic tribes). 

In addition, Indonesia is exactly the place where you can taste many exotic dishes, visit interesting ethnological and historical excursions and just go surfing with all the heart. Tired after a day full of sun and entertainment, a tourist who has come from Emperum will be able to fully feel the comfort and service of the local apartments, which, undoubtedly, are another strong point of tourist Indonesia. Let us also note that there is a traditional tension with alcohol in this Islamic state - but this is not why they come here at all.

Not a single tourist will be left indifferent by the lush greenery and exotic flora, and Bintan Island is also home to rare animals. Even the air is special here: along with the smells of flowers, joy and freedom have dissolved in it!

🔹 Lombok Island
Lombok is one of the best resort islands in Indonesia. It is a small island, 80 km long, located near Bali, an island of striking contrasts and contradictions. Famous resorts Senjizhi and Jili Meno. The landscapes of Lombok, with its jungle and thickets, coral islands and long clean beaches, are no less beautiful than the landscapes of Bali. This is roughly what Bali looked like at a time when there were not so many tourists.

🔹 Java Island
One of the most famous islands in the archipelago. Java is the center, and it is here that the capital of the republic is located, one of the largest cities in the world - Jakarta.
It is not just a metropolis, but also a separate region with the status of a province and includes not only five municipalities, but also a kingdom.

🔹 Bali Island
Bali gives an extraordinary palette of vivid emotions and impressions, attracting with its landscapes, tropical forests, blue lagoons and volcanoes.
The Balinese are hospitable people, they always treat the guests of the island kindly. They are very religious, statues of gods are found everywhere. The ancient goddess of rice, Devi Sri, is still the most revered deity. SPA centers are a special feature of the island.

Indonesian culture is embodied in stone, dance and music. It is colorful and varied, influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and many local beliefs.
The wooden houses of Batak and Minangkabao with a carved saddle roof make a strong impression, as they are unusual. The temple complexes are pieces of medieval art that are definitely worth seeing. Borobodur, Singasari, Prambanan located in Java and Besaki in Bali are simply masterpieces. The islands also have many buildings from the colonial period, the Dutch forts in Bukittingi and Bengkulu, the lush Empire-style palaces of Jakarta and Bogor. You should definitely listen to the national gamelan orchestra. Its numerous bodangs, baluzhans, rebabs, gleptems and chelempungs are instruments of folk music. Performances are often accompanied by kris and kecak dances, which depict duels and stories from the Ramayana epic. You can also watch epics in the Wayang kulit shadow theater. On the islands of the country, folk painting is very developed, including batik, and woodcarving.

Indonesia is an Asian and predominantly Muslim country. One of the rules is that you cannot touch the head of local residents, as it is sacred. It is undesirable to point a bare foot at a person and loudly express your emotions (negative) and use the interjection "Hey!" Your smile can work wonders, seeing it, an Indonesian, will definitely go to meet you.

In Indonesia, many cultures and beliefs intersect, and therefore, a great many different holidays and festivals have arisen. Independence Day takes place on 17 August, with processions and demonstrations taking place throughout the country for four days. On the island of Bali, the main holiday is Nyepi - the Bali New Year, which takes place in peace and tranquility, it is not customary for them to even leave the house. The Galungan Festival, which lasts ten days, has a floating date, like most other festivals on the saka calendar. There are many Muslim holidays and other religions that are celebrated on a grand scale.

In Indonesian cuisine, rice is the head of everything, it is boiled, fried, steamed - it is constantly present on the table. , since the country is mostly Muslim, pork is practically not found in the dishes. There are many sauces, as their ingredients are abundant in Indonesia. The restaurant serves a wide variety of local seafood and meat dishes, fruits and exotic ingredients.
In all restaurants and cafes you can order yourself freshly squeezed juice and coconut milk, local coffee and tea have a very decent taste. Local alcoholic beverages are of high quality. Alcohol is not sold in Muslim areas.

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