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Best Type of Wood for Carving

To make carving crafts, the best wood is needed which if carved will produce the best carving. The type of wood for carving must be the most appropriate. In addition to affecting the final results of engraving, the engraving process also requires special requirements so that the carved wood is easy and not damaged.

Wood material has a very diverse function. Wood materials are widely used for furniture, building construction, and musical instruments. Its presence not only provides functional support but can also provide an aesthetic touch. Products that use wood such as wood floors to wood cabinets will give a distinctive impression that is different from the impression displayed by other materials. Many wood products also appear with various interesting carvings. Carving is indeed one form of optimization of wood as an art work.

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However, not all types of wood can be used for engraving. Wood that is too hard, easy to crack, and has many wood eyes not including the type of wood is not good for carving. Only certain types of wood such as the type of wood for the following carvings can be used.

Here are the best types of wood that can be made carving

1. Teak wood.
Teak wood is the type of wood for the most widely used carvings in Jepara. And it is also in demand by the people of Indonesia, even the people of China and other Asian countries also like carving. This is because the character is strong, durable, and durable. Aesthetically, teak is also superior because it has unique wood fiber.

2. Sandalwood (Cendana Wood).
Like teak wood, sandalwood is also a lot of enthusiasts besides wood craftsmen. However, the price is quite expensive often makes the craftsmen do not often make it. if the carving is made because there is a request from the customer. The most prominent advantage of sandalwood is its fragrant aroma.

3. Balsa wood.
Balsa wood is very rarely known by ordinary people, even jepara carving craftsmen don't necessarily know it. However, there are also wood craftsmen who have used this wood as a carving for their customers. Balsa wood has a soft texture, the color of balsa wood is grayish and attractive, and has straight wood fibers.

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4. Mahogany.
Mahogany is the second favorite wood after teak wood for carving craftsmen in Jepara. This type of wood is very soft compared to teak wood. Mahogany wood is also suitable for carving. And it is also recommended for customers. This wood is widely used to make carved products because it has dense fiber and very few wood eyes.

5. Ebony Wood/Timber .
Ebony is harder to carve because of its hard nature. The hardness of this wood is more than teak wood. However, its unique appearance still makes it the choice of wood for carving for craftsmen.

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