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Buy Minimalist Teak Furniture Cheap from MRC Catalogue

Minimalist teak furniture has begun to shift the market share of Jepara carving furniture, obviously seen from the many furniture craftsmen Jepara that used to make furniture carving now switch jobs so make a "Minimalisan ", as well as in Showroom2 The usual roadside furniture sales are now so many displays and sells minimalist furniture.

This is not a video Merta just happen, market demands are the main thing that make the craftsmen jepara furniture switch jobs so make the Minimalisan. Well market where can this trend Minimalisan? We think is from overseas. The existence of Internet and social media makes us very easy to access the trend of what is being contracted in the world, including in this trend home improvement and furniture.

Indeed not all markets turn to the trend of minimalist furniture, classic furniture models will remain and are in demand by the fans  "Die harder " Nya. Taste factor remains the main in the purchase and suply goods including Jepara furniture.

Reasons to buy minimalist teak furniture

The main reason for the consumers to buy minimalist teak furniture is because of the simple and modern impression and easy in the treatment, the shape is simple and not much lekukan2 carving makes it very easy to clean and maintain, just wipe and Kemoceng has gone wrong without needing alat2 the "Njlimet", in different with antique furniture that tends to have a lot of carving curves that are somewhat difficult to clean.

In addition to easy maintenance, most of our consumers say that the reason they buy minimalist furniture is that they want modern furniture not outdated. The interior design of a minimalist house reflects the owner of its property that likes it practical and does not take care of its maintenance time, but of course without leaving the functionality of a product itself.

One more thing that may be the reason why the demand for minimalist furniture increases is the sheer perumahan2 of the small size of the room. Very precise if the adoption of modern furniture is simple and small size to complement the needs of the housing furniture. You can certainly imagine how not "matching" his house room or small apartement but in the contents with heavy carving furniture.


Actually there is no weakness of furniture models minimalist, but this is subjective according to our business people Jepara furniture. Only one shortage of minimalisan ie less fancy... Yes Yes yes this is because indeed in our minds have been in the doctrine if the luxurious furniture is to be gede, the shape of many and the form is magnificent. We know this is not entirely true, only our opinions are Kok...

Minimalist furniture tend to be plain, simple, not much  "Neko neko " and tend to be boring. Hard to get  "factor Wah " from something so innocent. Only modern shapes are futuristic as possible which can make people "Wow...!"  ", again... This is only our unilateral opinion yes, do not get upset:D

MRC Minimalist Furniture Catalogue

Well once you know the story and this is about minimalist furniture then we will show how to buy this furniture. In Jepara There are many catalog of furniture that is used as a benchmark to make and sell Jepara furniture. For the classic furniture model there is a popular catalogue of maritime Charm MPB 2007, while for minimalist furniture there is a catalogue of minimalist maritime charm MRC.

Here we share the contents of the MRC catalogue consisting of many categories of products, ranging from seats, sofas, desks, beds, cupboards and lain2. All with Desin Minimalisan that we covered here. This catalogue was made around the year of 2008an by... We do not know... That we know the pictures are in the catalogue of minimalist furniture of MRC taken from various sources, Internet, magazines and lain2. Where do we know? Yes we are Internet users who spend almost half of our time there so little much we know what's on the Internet. And we often see pictures of furniture products that exist in this catalogue belongs to one of the websites from abroad. Indeed there is no patent anyway, so can didownlad freely. But the legal problem is certainly how, we do not know. That certainly catalogs the MRC furniture already existed and used ten years without any problems.

Because this catalogue is long, so the image quality is also less good. This catalogue is made when the technology is still not kayaking now and has been in print millions of times by anyone who has a master or copy of its masters that have been copied at all times. So please note that if the picture is not good. But still very can if made as reference sales and purchase Kok...

Minimalist Furniture Price

The price of minimalist furniture Jepara including the price of barang2 that is in this MRC minimalist catalogue We do not show here, why? Because there will be a price update according to field conditions. And honestly reply so males Kalo blog updates every time of every:D And also a list of Panjaaaang and wide, eat places and can make boring readers ...

So please contact us by contact form next to or on our contact page. Please input to us which product you want, mention the product code, order quantity, color finishing and other details. We will send you a price list according to your needs. This is also true for custom design bookings, there will be a little extra cost if you buy furniture with custom design. Not much Kok, make change make Mal and trial and error.

The price for the retail buyer with different volume buyers lho, it is certainly because if many messages we can press the cost of production because the cost efficiency of production is also increased. Profit can also be suppressed as minimum as factors, not the number factor as in the retail order. We serve buyers who  "Kulakan" for resale at their proprietary furniture store. To do this we should have to meet. This is to deepen each other better about who our co-workers masing2, many stories  "horror " from buyers who are percentage goods but not shipped, or from craftsmen who already send goods but not paid. Dicariin in the city of destination but already disappeared from the face of the Earth, Raib... Destroyed... Hiiii hororrrr....! So they visited and knew well, the Covenant letter and the Lain2 was a must. US cooperation until forever right? Instead of buying break... So must be mutual..!

Guest Chairs Minimalist

The first page starts from a collection of minimalistic sofas and guest chairs, some of which are sold per set and some are sold separately. On the guest chair set There is also a coffee table and a side table/Keneb. You can also buy the table only. Please choose the product that is in this catalogue according to your needs, if it is ready for a phone message only to get more complete info
Minimalist Teak Bed

The bed collection sets a minimalist model consisting of the bed itself, nightwear, wardrobes, dressing tables and drawer nightspots. You can buy in a set or per product only. Please choose the product that is in this catalogue according to your needs, if it is ready for a phone message only to get more complete info.

Minimalist dining table and chair Set

The dining table set consists of a dining table and chairs as well as a kitchen buffet, you can buy in sets or units per product. Please choose the product that is in this catalogue according to your needs, if it is ready for a phone message only to get more complete info.

Minimalist sideboard TV Table

Sideboard for the living room and also for the minimalist kitchen model, also available Tv sideboard for your living room. Please choose the product that is in this catalogue according to your needs, if it is ready for a phone message only to get more complete info.

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