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5 Reasons to Combine Wood Better Than Plastic Comb

5 Reasons to Combine Wood Better Than Plastic Comb

Jepara - Wooden combs have been used for centuries, ranging from princesses, nobles to ordinary people. But there are interesting things that you might not realize if a wooden comb is better to use for hair than plastic.

The following reason, as quoted Onlymyhealth, Saturday (02/13/2016):

1. Safe for the scalp

Wood combs are very good for scalp health, especially when combing during the day. Wooden combs help improve blood circulation in the scalp so as to keep hair healthy.

2. Helps hair growth

Wooden combs not only help improve the quality of the hair as a whole but also strengthen the hair roots. In addition, this comb is also safe for dandruff scalp.

3. Does not cause damage to the hair

According to experts, combing with a wooden comb will not damage the hair. In addition this comb will not damage even though the hair is wet.

4. Overcoming dandruff

Having dandruff problems? Well, try a wooden comb to help normalize dandruff production and remove oil.

5. Add hair volume

Wooden combs can also increase the volume of your hair naturally. As we know, wood is considered a bad conductor of electricity so that when it comes in contact with hair it does not cause static.

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