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9 Ideal Minimalist Kitchen Room Designs

It is very important to plan the color and design of the kitchen so that the warmth of the family continues to radiate.

The kitchen room is a central area that will make the house warmer. Many activities at home such as cooking, eating, drinking and socializing take place in the kitchen. Delicious dishes from the kitchen will create a strong and harmonious relationship in the home.

The kitchen used to be a hidden workspace, but now the kitchen is also a place where family members spend a lot of time. Areas in the kitchen space also began to open a lot and blend with the dining room and family room. That is why the kitchen must look beautiful but still functional.

To meet the above needs, designing a kitchen must be done with careful planning. The design and interior of the kitchen must work in harmony with the dining room and lounge area as well. The color selection and design of the kitchen space must be planned appropriately so that the results are perfect.

So if you are renovating or just looking for inspiration, we summarize minimalist kitchen design inspiration. Here are 9 minimalist kitchen designs that you can cheat on for your dream kitchen.

1. Kitchen Room with Classic Contemporary Design

Classic contemporary design is a design that wants to capture classical British culture combined with contemporary style. This design is one of the most popular choices today. As the name suggests, this design is a classic style but still retains function.

Like the classic contemporary kitchen design as reported by the following Amara dot com. This kitchen uses classic style and various elements to celebrate history and culture. But do not lose the modern touch and remain functional.

A large dining table is placed facing the kitchen with high-legged chairs. There are lights with long golden hangers. Do not forget the interior and ceiling design that also supports the classic impression in the kitchen.

2. Kitchen Room with Shabby Chic Design

The kitchen with a shabby chic design is a beautiful combination of rustic style and a touch of earthy glamor. This style of kitchen decoration is rooted in a rustic kitchen style but the emphasis is on being practical and comfortable.

In essence, the principle of shabby chic is to avoid consumerism, among others, by storing old things that are considered old-fashioned, provided they are still functioning properly and used as decoration. For generations who like environmentally friendly ideas and designs, this design seems very suitable.

Shabby chic interior is also usually identical with floral motifs with pastel colors such as pink, light blue, light turquoise and so on. Interested in applying shabby chic style in your home?

3. Kitchen Room with Rustic Design

Rustic interior design style that is identical to the rural atmosphere you can apply in your minimalist kitchen. This style creates a friendly, warm and comfortable impression. To create a rustic style in the kitchen, the interior of a rural kitchen must be characterized by a warm atmosphere with the use of simple materials, lots of wood and other natural materials and dark tones.

Just add natural inspired elements to your kitchen through wood, stone, accessories and colors.

4. Kitchen Room with Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian designs usually have a clean, modern, muted color, use of materials and natural light. Scandinavian interior design is a style that is being sought after by many people. Minimalist but still beautiful in one dimension.

An entirely white color palette is the key to achieving a Scandinavian look in your kitchen. Using white in the right way can make your kitchen room look brighter, lighter, and completely more contemporary.

Hardwood floors can be a choice in Scandinavian-style kitchens. Wood flooring is a key component in any Scandinavian style kitchen. Another option is ceramic or stone tiles that are easy to clean.

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