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How to Make Hammock And Sell

Business idea: Hammock production

Start for business - 30 tr.
Profit per month from 150 tr.
Payback period 1 month.

In European countries, including ours, the hammock is perceived rather as some kind of exotic or furniture for a short rest. But with the expansion of low-rise and private construction, the demand for this item increases significantly - many owners of private houses and cottages prefer summer vacations in the shade of the trees of their own yard.

Organization of the production of hammocks.

Meanwhile, the manufacture of a hammock - the process is not too time consuming and does not require special skills. For its organization in a more or less industrial scale requires only a room equipped with tables with sewing machines and several seamstresses.
For example, a good example of a folding table for a Comfort-3 sewing machine costs only 244.40 USD. The sewing machine quality "poluprof" will cost from 51.94 Usd.
Thus, the equipment of one workplace (table - 16000, sewing machine - 3400, chair industrial for seamstresses of SS-1 - 1950, lighting - 711) will cost just over 336.05 USD.

Structural hammocks come in several types - mesh, fabric, with wooden slats and without, single and many local. Hammock can be decorated with decorative embroidery, pillows, braid, lace, fringe, etc.

The cost of making hammocks from natural fabric.

In this case, the most common option will be considered - a hammock made of natural fabric.

For the manufacture of 1 hammock will need:

1) base fabric - denim or thick cotton with a minimum width of 110 cm
2) a cord for lines, o 7-8 mm - 16 m
3) a tape 5 cm wide - 3 m (it is made of a cut of fabric).
4) threads -  for a bobbin 2.5 km [7].

The cost of 1 hammock (excluding payment by a seamstress) is about 7.64 dollars.

The first stage of the fabric base is sheathed on all sides. 12 loops 10 cm long, 5 cm wide are made of scraps of fabric.

Each loop is sewn to the base with an overlap of at least 2 cm: 6 pieces at the top and bottom, at a distance of about 20 cm from each other. The working length of the loop is obtained, therefore, about 3 cm.

The loops are stitched several times - it is on them that the whole body mass is distributed.
A cord is passed through the loops and slings are formed from two sections of the cord, each 70 cm long. Then they are folded together on and tied at a distance of about 50 cm from the beginning of the canvas.
From the remaining "tails" a loop is formed, on which the hammock will be attached.

The product is ready. Minimum retail price - from 1750 rubles.
With the usual performance of each seamstress with a salary of 15,000 rubles. produce at least 5 hammocks per shift, i.e. in the amount of not less than 150 thousand rubles. per month - the return on business in this way is equal to 1 month for any number of employees.

Mini hammock for cats.

An interesting idea that can help in business development. In parallel with the production of standard hammocks, this direction can also be mastered. Firstly, in Russia it is not customary to spare money for their pets, and secondly, you can easily stand out among other suppliers and attract potential customers.

Production of mini hammocks for cats and pets is a profitable direction, the minimum cost of materials. Create a range for standard sizes of cats will be quite easy.

Promotion of business.

An online store will be a good vehicle for selling hammocks. It is also necessary to think through all the subtleties of the production process, and the sale of goods should begin with winter time. It is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary tools and devices so that during the sales season there will be no problems.

A lot is important, as in any other business not to forget about advertising. You can very effectively sell products at the expense of going out of town and offering your product to summer residents. It will be a very big plus if the original and unusual models are present in your assortment. When your product profits become tangible and stable, you should think about further business development. For example, start producing hammocks for individual customer orders. But in order to make non-standard orders with the highest quality possible, it is necessary to have good imagination and skillful hands.

In the summer season, it is desirable to use the services of advertising companies for the effective development of your business. And you should think about how to sell your products in large quantities in such stores that tourists like to visit or those who simply like to spend time in nature and away from the city.

With the development of business, the design of hammocks can be complicated: for example, they can be equipped with special hooks and rings for screwing into the wall (you can also hire 1-2 assemblers, provide installation service), and also make frame hammocks (you need another carpenter) or hammocks to order, decorated with a variety of decorative elements.

As you can see, this production requires the most minimal investment, and it pays off in the worst case in 2 months.

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