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Business Idea: Pipe Hotel

Business Idea: Pipe Hotel

All over the world, various technologies for recycling used materials are gaining popularity.

An example of this is the unusual "Pipe Hotel".

The original hotel with 20 rooms, consisting entirely of concrete pipes, is located in Mexico.

Previously, as a rule, homeless people found shelter in such pipes ...

Masters of creative thought turned one end of the pipe into a blank wall, and the other into a panoramic window and part-time door. The inner space is covered with insulating material that maintains the required temperature inside. The hotel rooms are warm, but not hot and not cold. There are single and two-story rooms. In the double-decker pipes, a special ladder leads upstairs. Each room is equipped with a bed and a lamp. In some areas of the hotel there is a cafe, hot shower and toilet.

The hotel is located in a forested area 45 kilometers from Mexico City, so the windows of the rooms always offer amazing and picturesque natural landscapes.

The hotel is modular, that is, all pipes-rooms are composed of a pyramid of three pieces.

Despite the extraordinary appearance, the hotel was built and assembled from pipes during the THREE MONTHS and covers an area of ​​about 220 square meters.

The cost of one overnight stay in such a hotel is $ 42.

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