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5 Ideas for Decorating a Living Room with Ornamental Plants

In Indonesia there are many ornamental plants that are durable not exposed to sunlight. Its age can be 6 months or even 1 year. We can give this ornamental plant the water it can live. Then what does the ornamental plant function? Ornamental plants function as decoration. Well in the house there are some interesting ideas to be occupied by these ornamental plants. In addition to beautifying the room, ornamental plants in the living room will also make the air fresher and the feel of the room feels more alive.
Green Plants as a Complement to the Living Room Decoration (Source: industrystandarddesign. com)

In addition to the cheap price, this ornamental plant also has many varieties. You can replace it once a year. To keep green, simple routine maintenance is needed.

1. Fill in the blank corner in the room
Plants in the Corner of the Living Room (Source:
Ornamental plants are proven to make a beautiful room decoration for the corner decoration of your living room. There is a certain angle in your house that is not just right for decoration. In this case, you can place an ornamental plant behind the chair. However, carefulness is needed to choose a size that is large enough so that the empty corner is completely filled.

2. Ornamental plants that hang in the living room

Ornamental plants can also be hung above the corner of the living room or the other. This can be applied if you have limited space at home, but do not want to sacrifice the remaining space for plant pots. You can hang the pot as an equally beautiful alternative.

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3. Ornamental plants on the wall

The concept of wall decoration can be applied with ornamental plants. You need green plants that stick to the wall. If you want your design to be more special, why not try having this plantwall? This ornamental plant design can be perfect for every empty wall in the living room or hallway wall of your home.

4. Partition or bulkhead room with ornamental plants

Sometimes a large enough space needs to be partitioned. But in order to be fresher the room needed oxygen produced from plants. Ornamental plants are those that can produce fresh oxygen and become a unique concept in your home that needs a partition. Partitioning with ornamental plants will be your new hobby to stay at home.

5.Ornamental plants as the focal point of your home

Now many modern home designs use green plants to make focal points in the house. This point is usually directly adjacent to the living room so it is suitable to be used as decoration in the room as well. For the types of plants, choose those that are not sensitive or not difficult to grow, such as ferns, palm or bamboo-bamboo.

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