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Jepara Furniture Industry needs government attention

JEPARA – Commission B DPRD Jateng pay attention to the development of Jepara teak furniture industry. Along with the policy of tightening permit for timber entry, of course this industry was also affected by the policy. Therefore, commission B on Tuesday (3/12/2019) made a work visit to the district famous for its carving art to see directly the development of the Industriu Jepara furniture.

The troupe visited one of the factories making teak furniture by CV Mandiri Abadi. On that occasion, Chairman of commission B Sumanto said, the visit was done to see directly how the company's circumstances and also its work. It ensures that the industry in Jateng especially in Jepara can be better.

"Our duty as representatives of the people is facilitating and giving way, in order to increase production and income when there are certain problems. It is also related to the welfare of employees, "said the Legislator PDI struggle.

He also added that the Commission B would facilitate the plant to the government if there were certain problems. It was done in order to increase the 7% economic growth that the president of INDONESIA expected to be realized.

"If this industry can grow rapidly, I believe the unemployment rate in Jateng can little by little can be resolved," he said.

Responding to that, the director of CV. Mandiri Abadi Nyatnyono said this time it is very difficult to find high school graduates/SMK carving. Such work is now less desirable to young children today. They prefer to work in garment factories than in furniture factory.

Another obstacle he faced, Nyatnyono explained the process of shipping raw materials purchased from East Java, West Java, and Banten sometimes very long. It greatly affects the production time.

"Import export facilities also we have constraints, because there are materials that do not exist in Indonesia, so want to not want us to import China. But thankfully, we are given ease in the import of raw materials. I hope there are local SMES who can produce buttons, and fabrics with good quality so we do not need to import again, "he said.

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