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Furniture from teak root is a very unique

Furniture from teak root is a very unique type of furniture, because it is made from teak or other tree waste at the root. The form of furniture with various types of root chairs has very good and unique qualities. This uniqueness cannot be mass produced. Unless there is a small part of one of the chairs he can make. This Root furniture is very suitable to be used as garden furniture or exterior furniture, whether in the garden or home terrace.

The root that is made into this chair can be from wood which is hard and unique. This teak root type has a very strong endurance, even stronger than teak chairs in general. This texture is fused and there is almost no connection. In addition, this type of teak root furniture is resistant to the heat of the sun, rain can even withstand extreme temperatures such as snow. Root Furniture This type of chair belongs to the class of unique furniture made by Jepara.

In general, teak root chair furniture has an average service life of 50-70 years of use, you may be old. This time is quite long and the use of furniture that is very long can be used on the next generation of families. Teak Root Furniture made for guest chairs or terraces you can recommend for unique homes, or luxury homes. Even so, with a simple house you can have it. This type of chair from the roots of teak trees is highly recommended for outdoor use. because this type of chair will be very durable and will not be exposed to termites or wood powder pests.

How to make teak root chairs

How to make teak root chairs is quite difficult. We must look for roots that are ready to be taken. then after being taken from the root, then dried in the sun until sufficiently dry the water content inside the root. This drying process depends on the temperature of the sun's heat. can be a month, semester, or year. Wood drying is also possible with a wood dryer or a wood oven. It's just that it costs money to use a wood oven service.

The next step after the water content is correct according to the standard, a new pattern is created with the chair design provided by furniture designers. Begin by cleaning the teak tree roots from the remaining soil attached with a very high pressure water spray or wind compressor.

New Then cut the teak root according to the pattern and design of the curis. After that, sanding or smoothing is done on the surface of teak wood so that it can be colored or finished with our favorite colors.

Use of teak root chairs

The chair made from root from teak tree is perfect for all types of room conditions. Basically, chairs like this fall into the category of antique and unique relief chairs. However, this type of Chair is very suitable to be applied to any type of furniture, both minimalist and typical carvings of Jepara.

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