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Sawdust Teak Wood Waste For Finished Material

Sawdust or shavings are waste which according to some people has no use and has no economic value. That opinion is wrong, because sawdust / shavings powder / powder can still be used for various purposes including:

Finished Material

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Shaved wood powder is beneficial for those of you who are engaged in the hamster livestock business. Wood sawdust is used as a base for hamsters, where the powder is not used forever, but is always replaced routinely to maintain the hygiene and health of the hamster cattle, so the business in the procurement of sawdust is a promising business because it is always needed.

Briquette Material

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Sawdust produced from sawn wood waste can be utilized as charcoal briquettes, activated charcoal, plastic wood composites, organic pots instead of polybags), as a mushroom growing media and other forms. Or it can also be used as a substitute for firewood whose existence is now increasingly difficult to obtain in order to reduce the cost of producing your business.

We provide sawdust using a machine, if you need sawdust for plant media or for burning, we can provide whatever you need. For sawdust we sell Rp.50,000 / sack of 50kg sacks of rice.

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This price does not include sacks (sacks provided by the buyer) and not including shipping costs. For large purchases, there is a special price for you. Complete information for powder / wood cutting results can contact us via email at hipmijep @ gmail. com

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