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10 Inspiration for Using HPL for Beautiful Home

Leo Baekeland might never have thought that his findings, HPL (High Pressure Laminate), could be so important in the property field. HPL was first created in 1896, the aim was to find alternative low-cost insulators for electrical equipment that began to boom. So if you later recognize formica, that's one of the initial forms.

At first HPL was only brown and white. Only in the 1930s did HPL have cool color variations and began to be used for property purposes as a coating material (or decorative) for the interior of a building or home. At this time HPL has practically become one of the important ingredients for finishing home interior products, furniture, offices and so on.

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Various advantages of HPL include:
  • Scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant, and durable.
  • Easy to care for.
  • The choice of colors and motifs is almost unlimited, you can choose natural to contemporary motifs.
  • Prices are very affordable.
  • Very easy to install. Practically you only need glue as well as hand skills.
  • More than all, HPL is safe for the environment, because it is basically made of paper (cellulose) and resin.

How to Install HPL

HPL is generally installed on processed wood such as blockboards, particle boards, plywood, or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).

The general procedure for installing HPLs on one board is as follows:
  • Clean the board. Use sandpaper to smooth the board evenly. clean the board from emery dust.
  • Cut the HPL to the size of the board. There are various ways to cut HPL. You use a special HPL cutter (HPL Cutter). But if you want neat results, use a cutting machine.
  • Spray / apply the surface of the board with yellow glue evenly. Also spray the surface of the HPL that you will install.
  • Take HPL, glued it to the board carefully. Pay attention, don't let any bubbles get stuck between the two.
  • Trim uneven edges of HPL with the board. You can use a cutting tool or abrasive sandpaper.
  • Next is the edging process, which is finishing on the edge of the board with HPL. You can do this manually. But for practicality and neatness, this process generally uses an edging machine.
  • Trim the results of edging with a cutter, if there is still something neat. Minor defects can also be disguised with special HPL markers that are the same color as your HPL.
  • Clean boards that have been coated with HPL. The board is ready to use.

10 Beautiful Inspirations to Use HPL

HPL can be used as a finishing touch for a variety of interior or exterior home products. Here are 10 inspirations for using HPL that we hope will inspire you.

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1. Flooring

There are various types of floors to choose from. If you want the space of your house to seem warm and comfortable, choose wooden floors. As an alternative to wood that is getting more and more expensive, you can use parquet. However, there are also alternatives that are more affordable and easy to use, namely HPL. In addition to vinyl, you can currently use HPL as flooring, as illustrated.

2. Scandinavian Kitchen

One of the highlights of the minimalist kitchen trend is Scandinavian Kitchen. This Northern European kitchen model is indeed fun. Although simple, but always gives the impression of neat and warm with every touch of wood. As in the illustration, you can give HPL finishing with wood patterns on the kitchen cabinet, island table, countertop, to the kitchen shelf.

3. Partitioning

At this time the partition is not just a partition between spaces. You can use partitions to add beautiful accents to your home or office.

In the illustration, besides being used for showcase and wall panel tables, HPL is also used as a finishing for a minimalist partition behind the service desk. The impression of light, sweet, and warm radiated from this partition style. The making is also very economical compared to using 100% wood.

4. Countertop

If British English is a worktop. The American tongue will say countertop. We will here say it as a racik table, because it is generally located in the kitchen. And its function is to mix food ingredients for cooking. The HPL for countertops is perhaps the most classic inspiration. Because so far as an inexpensive alternative to granite or marble countertops is formica, a type of HPL that is also a trademark name (Formica).

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5. Exterior Wall

HPL is not only cool for interior purposes. You can also use it for the exterior. HPL can be an inexpensive alternative to making the facade of your home or office building look handsome, especially if you like minimalist themes.

As in the following illustration, wood-patterned HPL panels give the impression of calm and can give the impression of soft on the minimalist lines of the existing building. Of course you can choose other motives for the facade of your home / building, to give the impression that suits your taste.

6. Interior Walls

If you are bored with the game of interior paint colors, try using HPL for the walls of your room. Wall panels give you the freedom to experiment with a variety of motifs or colors that are not possible with general paint. The result also looks different. The walls can look more roomy, even more immersive visual experience.

7. Wall Accents

There is nothing more boring than just one room with one color. Color accents will add to the lively atmosphere of the room. Coupled with the game of accent walls, the room will be more vibrant. The combination of HPL wall panels with ambient light, as in the illustration, makes the walls also look lively and dynamic.

8. Kitchen Cabinet

In addition to countertops, HPL is also commonly used as a coating for kitchen cabinets or kitchen cabinets. You can just choose the HPL pattern that is suitable for the kitchen theme. In the color illustration of HPL-coated kitchen cabinets with wood motifs it looks very harmonious with the contemporary Mid-Century kitchen theme. The choice of the right color theme makes the cabinet that controls almost all of the walls look light and does not dominate.

9. Coffee Table

The culture of drinking coffee has become increasingly popular lately. Cafes have sprung up, making coffee a fun and enjoyable ritual. One more of the cultural effects of drinking coffee is the increasingly cool models of coffee tables (coffee tables) on the market. As in the illustration, now you can choose various forms of coffee tables with a beautiful HPL finish.

10. Wardrobe

Contemporary wardrobe has an open concept. The lines are clear and simple. To create a stronger visual impression, panels are generally used which have a characteristic color tone. Cabinets panels with HPL finishing can be used to get that impression. You can get a natural or contemporary impression, as in the illustration.

There are 10 inspiration for using HPL here. Although of course there are many other inspirations that you can explore. However, we hope, along with a few tips on how to install HPL, you can be inspired by it.

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