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Look Unique and Fashionable with Wooden Sunglasses

Instinctively, humans always want to look cool and attractive. Looks cool usually tends to be seen from glasses. These glasses we make are from wood. These wooden glasses can be your mainstay to look attractive and cool.

In the past, glasses only functioned as a viewing aid for those who had visual impairments in their eyes. Now that the function has been developed, glasses are now also used as accessories to add an up to date appearance style.

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We have several business partners as manufacturers of wooden eyewear in Indonesia. These wooden sunglasses can be your fashion needs. Our wooden eyewear manufacturers produce unique designs and attractive colors. Wooden glasses that have innovated to show something different.

These wooden glasses will add an elegant impression to the wearer. This proves that glasses have a very important role for someone's appearance. Because the wood sunglasses that we make can adjust your appearance and improve your style.

The wooden glasses we produce are very easy to care for because they are made of solid wood. Only by wiping wood goggles to be clean and shiny. If needed by applying biopolish to all parts of the eyeglass frame, then let stand a few minutes. After a little dry, rub it using a clean cloth slowly. Wood sunglasses will look clean and cool.

The wooden sunglasses that we make have special design wooden boxes or container glasses. This is in accordance with the ideal concept of wood sunglasses. The place is also in the form of wood, but you can replace the container with your favorite.

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Another thing that needs to be considered so that the wooden sunglasses remain durable is from the way they are used. By wearing wooden sunglasses while doing light activities, making wood sunglasses will last longer. Not too often opening and removing wood glasses also makes them durable and long lasting. Make sure the size of your face and eyes matches the size of wood sunglasses to be comfortable when wearing wooden glasses.

You can contact us for bulk orders and large quantities. Discuss with us your order via email.

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