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507 Jepara Women, carve together solve Muri record

JEPARA- Located in Gedung Haji Jepara, Saturday, (27/4). A total of 507 women carved together a record of the Indonesian record Museum (Muri). The previous record, 502 male and female carvers carved together.

Hundreds of women seated in chains carved a flower motif measuring 20 square centimeters. Less than two hours, the carving of floral motifs is capable of completion.

Menejer Muri, Ariyani Siregar conveyed, the organizers originally registered 250 women carve together. After being verified there were 507 women.

"The previous Sekor 502, but that carve a mixture of men and women," he said

Organizing committee, Sutarya revealed, deliberately selected carving because of the art of carving identical with Bumi Kartini. Selected women who carve, also not without reason.

"It coincides with the anniversary of the regency of Jepara which is to 470, originally our target that carve according to the number of the year anniversary so but that the list is even more. Why women, also to commemorate the Kartini day and the current Jepara society is struggling again give the title of national hero to Queen Kalinyamat, "Sutarya said.

A record of this most female engraving to assert in the world, that the art of carving to date is still alive in the midst of the people of Jepara. The absence of only Adam, mothers are still carving, especially in villages.

"It proves that the art of carving still inherent in the daily life of the Jepara society," he said.

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