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Want Jepara Carving Art to Return, Sanggar Persing Langon opens ‘Teaching Natah’ Class

Jepara - Learning to carve or natah, has become a hallmark of Jepara society. For this reason, the community of Langon Village RT 02 RW 01 Annual Jepara held a 'Teaching Natah' event at the Persing studio opened by Plt. Jepara Regent Andi Kristiandi, Sunday (09/08/2019).

"Efforts to keep the tradition so that Jepara remains a Carved City Let's preserve the culture of ancestors so as not eroded by the times. Restoring the glory of carving in Jepara, "said Rendra Setyawan 'Wawan'.

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According to Wawan, the goal is to invite young people, especially those who live around the studio, to always advance in terms of creativity. "Especially those that lead to the fields of art, culture and the environment," he said.

Until now, there are only 15 members who want to learn Natah, only children and adults.

"We will always campaign to invite generations to want to learn to carve, we always open registration every day," he continued.

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Wawan hopes, with the many people of Carving City who learn to carve, Jepara will return as the true City of Carving Art. Not just a slogan without any awareness to maintain the value of this valuable inheritance.

Meanwhile, Acting Regent of Jepara Regency, Dian Kristiandi during the Opening Ceremonial activity that afternoon confirmed that there is great hope for the government to be able to regain the glory of Jepara as a carving city. For this reason, the Jepara Regency government highly appreciates the activity initiated by the Persing Studio.

"I hope my friends from Langon Village, especially from this Persing studio, will keep their spirits, become heroes who are pushing back Jepara's carving again," Andi said.

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On that occasion, Andi also demonstrated his ability as a son of Jepara who can be stubborn. Andi was able to carve the stone on the wood board to adjust the existing picture or mall.

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