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Multifunctional Furniture and Color Trends in Home Furnishings

Along with the development of changing space concepts, furniture and craft producers must also follow these developments in producing their products. The living room is no longer just a living room, the bedroom is also no longer just a place to sleep. The concept of space becomes more resilient, not as rigid as it used to be, this is in accordance with the results of predictions from WHO, that in the coming years most people prefer to live in denser cities.

This has an impact on the availability of land that is increasingly limited, so that the form of housing will be increasingly streamlined. The residential trend is certainly closely related to the desired furniture product trends, which are more multifunctional. With a small occupancy, the tendency for people to reduce the amount of furniture in the house so that the house still feels roomy.

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By following the development of the housing trends, the furniture and craft industry in Indonesia will continue to grow despite facing challenges in the global market. According to Soenoto, Chairman of the Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association (HIMKI), the development of the furniture and craft industry in Indonesia from year to year is still quite encouraging despite facing challenging global market conditions.

In addition to the amount of furniture, the concept of modern minimalist housing also influences the design of the furniture used. The design of multifunctional, modular and small-sized furniture will attract more and more people. Tables and multifunctional stools will be the type of furniture that many buyers look for. With the development of the multifunctional concept, it is very reasonable if the table and stool become the furniture choices that are taken into account in the coming years. For chairs, the type of chair that does not take place, slim, and easy to move will be an option.

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The same concept also applies outside the room (outdoor). Outdoor furniture is predicted to shift to sleeker and multifunctional types of furniture. In addition, outdoor furniture is also designed with minimal maintenance. This is closely related to the urban living character which is very dynamic and wants to be practical.

Color Furniture and Crafts

Behance in the 2020 research report on trends, several color trends will affect the world of design, such as fashion design, automotive design, industrial design and product design, including furniture and home decorative. In line with the results of other studies, 2020 is much influenced by urban living lifestyle choices.

There are a number of colors that became a trend in 2019, including black charcoal or charcoal, natural wood, gray patina (oxidized wood), driftwood (effects such as drifting wood). Meanwhile, for solid colors that are predicted to develop are sharp and bright colors.

It is estimated that sharp colors such as tile red, green, lemon yellow or blue will color various product designs in 2019. Meanwhile, for housing will still be colored by white and gray.

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The color will dominate furniture and craft products that have been exhibited in a number of countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. As well as at the 2018 IFEX exhibition, a variety of furniture and craft products were displayed which inspired producers to produce their products according to trends desired by the global market.

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