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The Coffins From Jepara Furniture Company

:The Jepara Furniture Company that makes coffins is very professional. This craftsman also provides 24-hour delivery service to the place and can also be by ambulance. has also collaborated with coffin craftsmen to produce coffins of various sizes and for various religions, both Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, and also Islam.

The coffins are also made of various types of models and diverse. The material used to make coffins is also from various kinds of wood, namely teak, mahogany, durian, sono wood and others. Depends on ordering wood needed by the customer.

For shipments abroad we can serve with a minimum of 20ft containers with conditions that will be agreed upon later. We will provide friendly prices for shipping abroad. The model we made can be from European models, Asian models, and also the Middle East. You can see the product products that we display here.

The coffin model with an 8-inch minimalist model made from we have prepared durian wood with eight god carvings. The finishing color of the coffin also adopts walnut brown color, because Buddhists basically like colors that tend to be darker but still display a luxurious and not scary coffin with golden accessory colors in the eight gods carved parts.

The material we use in making the inside of the coffin is a soft and soft satin fabric and coated with thick foam and plastic so that it doesn't leak when the body is placed and stored in the coffin.
The following is a European style coffin model:

1. European coffin

The shape of the European-style coffin is the hand grip to lift the coffin. see there is a small board in the middle that surrounds the coffi.

2. Asian Coffin

This Asian style of death is a lot like that. there is a full carving, some are minimalist, some are also engraved with banquets. There is even a model typical china coffin.

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