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Furniture and Wood Craft Product Trends 2019

The 2019 wood furniture and craft product trend will follow the development of urban communities who prefer to live in smaller homes with a more limited number of rooms. Urban communities will prefer to use a multi-functional room for various purposes.

In the event the largest furniture and craft exhibition Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) in 2018 had predicted trends in furniture and craft products desired by the public in 2019. IFEX 2018 which carries the theme "The Essence of Infinite Innovation" became a prestigious event for more than 500 a company to showcase the best designs of furniture and craft products.

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It is common knowledge that the designs displayed on IFEX are designs that are prepared for the next one to two years. Therefore, IFEX 2018 is a place to find predictions for furniture and craft trends and interior design in 2019.

Knowing the development of interior design is very important for manufacturers to produce furniture and craft products that are needed by the user community. Based on a survey of 2,000 IFDA members in the United States and Japan, it is known that furniture and craft products will receive very high demand. This is based on the development of interior design trends and the desire of urban communities to utilize their living space.

First, the population of the world in 2020, especially those living in urban areas such as the US would prefer to live in smaller homes with a more limited number of rooms.

Second, the formal living room will disappear from modern homes. The living room will no longer function as a single guest room. But it will be more functional, such as for chatting with family, space to watch, even for dinner together.

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Third, the dining room will be a multipurpose room where family members are active, namely to study, play and various other activities. Fourth, the bedroom will become a more multifunctional space, it can also become an office space or other main activity.

Fifth, a narrower space requires smaller furniture products. Furniture products turn to multifunctional, modular, easy-to-move furniture designs with a tendency to be small in size. Sixth, the kitchen as well as the dining room is increasingly preferred by increasing interest in the world of cooking cooking. Seventh, outdoor furniture and patio designs are made with the concept of minimal maintenance and of course still carry the functional concept.

A number of developments mentioned above need to be considered in terms of interior design which will greatly affect the design of furniture products. The design of furniture products continues to evolve over time. Human lifestyles, home designs and interior and exterior designs greatly influence furniture design in the same time span.

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The concept of furniture in the past looks mathematically, sofa + television means talking furniture for the living room, and bed + 1 set of wardrobe means talking furniture for the bedroom, the concept going forward will change.

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