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Wood Waste Crafts with Wood Laser

Seeing a lot of wood waste in the area where he lives in Jepara, Kusmanto has creative ideas and ideas to turn wood waste into high-value handicrafts. Through the Wood Laser business, now Kusmanto is often overwhelmed by many orders to make handicrafts from the wood base.

Kusmanto, a Youth from Jepara Collector started to pursue the creative industry in the craft field since the beginning of 2017. The idea was to start this business, he told, because in Jepara which in fact is the center of wood carving, it is easy to get wood. Moreover, the waste from wood furniture production, a lot is found around his residence.

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From there he got the idea to process wood waste which was done manually by a team with qualified human resources to be used as a good and functional craft work with different custom names, company logos or images desired by clients by using laser / engraving machines.

If a lot of wood waste that we find in Jepara only becomes firewood and is not utilized, it will be useless. Quality wood waste in Jepara is processed into a craft item, then to make a more different impression we laser with the design as desired. From there came the idea to make a Wood Laser, explained Kusmanto to

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The woodwork he often makes is custom craft, such as making souvenirs for weddings, hotel needs, crafts to fill resorts, kitchen ware and company accessories as a proper identity to be given to clients and special people. Starting from artistic creations and unique souvenirs and industrial goods.

With Wood Laser, this wood waste is formed with the design as attractive as possible and gives the client the freedom to adjust the shape of the product being lightened.

Through Laser Wood craft, Kusmanto explained that there were already many large companies entrusting to make unique wooden souvenirs, such as the world-renowned fashion company ADIDAS, Cat Producer Mowilex and many others. Not a few also, local Jepara wood furniture companies and outside the city also use their services to create an identity or logo on the products that the company makes.

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Not long ago we were also able to order wood jewelry boxes with Gravir laser and those items were exported to foreign countries. In essence, whatever is still using wood raw material, we are ready to produce it, "said the 30-year-old youth.

In the process of starting from selecting wood raw materials, production processes, designs to finishing, Kusmanto was assisted by five employees. For its own raw materials, it often uses teak and sono wood which is easily available in Jepara.

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