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Design of Carved Horse Relief from Solid Wood

Horse Carving Relief is a typical Jepara art work made from solid teak wood which is carved with skill and is very thorough so that the sculptures look real and special. Horses are always interpreted as animals that remain vibrant and have extraordinary vitality and endurance. Even the term horse is used for the power of a car, horsepower. Therefore we make this semi-sculpture relief craft with a horse motif. We have a lot of designs, among which are horse carvings which number 8 horses. And we also made original horse carvings that were styled like mustangs.

This running horse carving can beautify your room at home or in your office. This horse is real because its 3-dimensional carving design can make your room more alive. For workmanship one horse relief carving takes about 2 months, to obtain neat, maximum results. The results of this relief carving must maintain neatness and beauty and also maintain the quality of the carvings.

Sculpture This horse relief carving is often exhibited at several international furniture and batik exhibitions. Sculptures can be used as a symbol in the office or hotel waiting room. Even in a big house. Because the height and size of this horse statue is almost the same as the original horse.

Relief is sculpture with 3-dimensional carvings. Indonesia has a history of high relief carvings. You can find physical evidence found in Borobudur temple. This carved relief is carved on stone. While we are Jepara furniture craftsmen, making relief carvings from solid wood, teak, trembesi and mahogany to obtain quality 3-dimensional carvings.

You can contact us to get information about reliefs and furniture products from Jepara by email: You can also visit us in the Jepara showroom. You must make an appointment in advance for your visit.

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