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Classic Wooden Cars are made in Jepara

In Jepara, many pieces of wood are often considered as useless wood waste. But with bright ideas and skilled hands, a collection of pieces of wood that are considered rubbish can be made into a high-value work of art. This Automated Artist from Jepara makes cars from wood.

Wooden cars use wood waste as their main ingredient. The pieces of wood used are from teak wood, the purpose of which is to get the replica results. Wooden cars made can be of high quality and remain durable The size of the wooden car made also measures 1: 1. So that it can be used as the main function, namely driving on the highway.

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With this original size, Jepara Wood Car Craftsmen are often asked by buyers to make various cars and motorbikes according to the wishes of buyers. Local and foreign buyers.

The work of this wooden car is often exhibited at the Indonesian automatic event. Event events have also been followed throughout Indonesia.

This wooden car is often exhibited at the official Jepara government event. As a form of government appreciation for the development of wood business and Jepara furniture.

Apart from being similar to the original size, the wooden car and wooden motorbike made have advantages. The advantages, especially in the manufacturing details that resemble the original version. besides, the levers can also be moved as the original car. Wooden cars that have ever been made are Formula I, Jaguar cars, Cadillac cars, Limousine cars, Mercy cars, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest car in the world. While most wood motorcycles are from Harley and Vespa variants.

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