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Displaying and Caring for Teak Root Furniture

Who doesn't know teak root furniture? In the past, teak roots were not widely used and even become natural waste, now due to the declining supply of teak, teak roots also have a very high price. Whereas in ancient times the roots of teak wood were only used as firewood.

For those of you who have teak root furniture at home, how lucky you are to have furniture that has a very high price and value. Before entering into the process of repairing damaged teak root furniture, let's look at the characteristics of teak root wood itself. If you already know the characteristics of the teak root, the repair process will be easier.

Know the Characteristics of Teak Roots

Each wood has its own characteristics ranging from fiber, water content to color. Even in each part of the tree also has a different character because it has a different function.

As is well known that the root is the part of the tree that will store the most water because of its location directly underground. The roots will spread water throughout the tree through the trunk.

Not much different from the roots of teak wood which has a high water content. So that when processing into furniture it takes a lot of effort so that the wood is completely dry and does not have damage such as cracks which ultimately cannot be used as furniture.

But when the roots of teak wood are dried perfectly, it will produce amazing results. Teak wood root furniture will be strong, not easily brittle and also has a very high artistic value.

If the wood is more than 80 years old, you can be sure that you will get high quality furniture at a price that is also not cheap. Wood that is more than 80 years old can be seen from the year rings found on the tree trunk above the roots.

Teak roots have two different types of roots, namely tap roots and fibrous roots. For furniture, the type of root used is usually taproot, which is a large root that functions as a support for the pojon so that it does not collapse easily. The growth of the taproot is vertically into the soil.

When going to take roots from teak wood requires a very hard effort, not even a little at harvest time the roots will be cut into several parts to make it easier to take. But in the end there are no parts left and all will be used as furniture.

The formation of roots into furniture also requires an expert and can't just be cut. The number of roots must be adjusted to the furniture to be made. Usually, if the roots have streaks such as bowls, they will be processed into chairs and tables, even if they are large, they can become a set of guest tables and chairs.

Entering the finishing stage of teak roots, the process that is passed is very long and complicated because it is hampered by a complicated sanding process. Yes, because the shape of the teak roots are very numerous and also wavy, most craftsmen only sand the outside and some of the inside.

So if you are going to do the repainting process on teak wood root furniture, it will take quite a long time. However, if you can go through the sanding stage well, the painting stage will run smoothly.

Problems That Often Arise From Teak Root Furniture

Teak wood root furniture is known to be strong, so for many people placing it outdoors such as a terrace is a very common thing. You can even put it as garden furniture. The reason is only one, namely the aesthetic value given is very high, so if you want to get a terrace of high artistic value then put teak root furniture.

Although it is known to be strong, if you put furniture outdoors continuously then there will be many problems that will arise and must be addressed immediately. Here are some problems that often arise when you place furniture outdoors:

The color of the furniture will quickly fade in just a matter of months due to exposure to the hot sun.

  • Furniture can be eaten by termites if it hits the ground directly
  • The furniture will peel off, the paint may peel off due to poor quality
  • There are scratches due to long service life

If your teak root furniture has received many of these signs, then you should renew it before Eid as it is today. You certainly don't want to have old furniture at this very important holiday.

Stages of Renewing the Appearance of Teak Root Furniture
For most people, they think that doing repainting is only given varnish or varnish. Though not just any product you can use because it will be fatal in the long run.

For this reason, at this stage you should use the Biovarnish series product. First, remove all the old paint using a water based remover if the old paint layer is water based but if not, you can use thinner.

Make sure the surface is clean of the old paint and you can start sanding. For curved parts for neat results you can use a soft sponge then wrap sandpaper no. 240. After that you can immediately sand the sand until the part that you can reach only.

The function of sanding is to open the wood pores. If it is flat and smooth, you can remove sandpaper dust with a cloth. Wrap a cloth around each rootstock then remove the dust.

If everything is clean, then you can start applying Biovarnish Wood Stain according to the desired color. Mix it with water then you can immediately brush it over the entire surface of the wood until it's completely flat.

Wait for the paint to dry before you can start sanding again with sandpaper wrapped around the sponge. Use sandpaper no, 400 and sandpaper lightly to smooth the paint surface.

When it's finished you can coat it with Biovarnish Clear Coat Gloss or Death Matte then you can immediately brush over the entire affordable surface. For this last layer you can apply twice so that the film is thicker and stronger with a distance of 60 minutes before the next application.

In order to dry completely, you can leave the teak root furniture in a clean room with good air circulation overnight. In order for the paint film to dry completely. You can do this with all the teak root furniture in your home and welcome the Eid with a new look.

Tip: If you're going to be applying indoors don't forget to put a few layers of newspaper backing on it so the paint doesn't spill and you'll have extra work to clean the paint off once you're done.

Quality Biovarnish For Teak Root Furniture

Why should you choose Biovarnish? It has been explained above that in the stages of making teak root furniture look beautiful, you must use Biovarnish. Judging from how to apply it, Biovarnish is easier to use.

With a brush, water and sandpaper, furniture from teak roots can have a more beautiful appearance. The steps taken are also quite short, considering that the drying process does not need to be dried in the sun and can dry in just 60 minutes.

If you use other wood paints, it may not necessarily provide the same look and ease of application. How you apply Biovarnish is easy, but also know the quality of this product for teak root furniture at home.

One thing is for sure, the quality provided will not disappoint. Here are some qualities that your teak root furniture will definitely get.

Transparent Appearance To Show Beauty

Because what is used is wood stain and clear coat, the intended finishing is open pore. This finishing will show the grain to the wood pores. It is very appropriate if used on wood root furniture whose texture and surface are very beautiful.

Biovarnish itself adds to this beauty by strengthening the original color of the faded wood and providing a transparent layer. That way the beautiful impression of the wood will be exposed to the maximum.

Has Many Choices of Wood Colors

Biovarnish wood stain which serves to sharpen the color of the original wood, has 20 choices of natural wood colors. The colors available resemble real wood such as walnut wood, teak wood to rosewood wood.

Using the original color means that the color of the wood will not disappear, instead it is reinforced with a layer of wood stain. Fortunately again, this stain color is transparent so the wood grain will still look beautiful.

Has Anti-Fungal Ingredients

Wood roots have larger pores, so even though they have been processed into furniture, they can absorb very high amounts of moisture. That way the surface fungi that become wood pests are easier to grow.

But not if you use Biovarnish which contains anti-fungal ingredients. So this layer will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture and then will overcome the surface mildew. Furniture will be free of mold later.

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