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Gazebo From Glugu Wood Or Coconut Wood House

Glugu wood is a coconut tree trunk that is widely found in Indonesia. This glugu wood is very good as an alternative building material in addition to other hardwoods. 

The application of this glugu wood applied to the building of the house is also quite good and strong as long as this glugu wood is old and dry. And it is quite good when combined with other building materials to form the main structure or supporting structure in building construction.

Glugu wood can also be used as a roof structure such as horses, curtains, nock, usuk, battens, can also be used for doors, frames, walls in wooden houses and gazebos.

Choosing a good glugu wood needs to be done so that in its application to buildings it is not easily "wrinkled" and brittle. Choose the first 3m – 4m glugu wood from the bottom because this part is quite strong, with a brownish wood color with firm/clear bristles.

The water content is lower than the top to the tip. The strength of the old glugu wood and rootstock is unquestionable, hard enough to be strong for up to 30 years. Especially during the application process, it is smeared with lantrek, diesel fuel with a collision of camphor or termite-proof material and wood powder, after that it is only processed for finishing.

In the craft industry, glugu wood is also used for kitchen furniture, furniture, wooden houses and gazebos. As an alternative material for teak, bangkirai, jackfruit, mahogany and so on.

Coconut wood or glugu wood houses are alternative housing that is cheap, artistic and safe from earthquakes. This coconut wood house is designed in the form of a stage with a floor height between 40cm to 60 cm or adjusted to existing requests.

Construction from pillars, beams, walls and floors using selected coconut / glugu wood. And the roof frame uses ribs and battens from glugu wood as well. Except for the roof covering using clay tiles or ironwood shingles.

Pillar construction with round glugu with a diameter of 15cm – 20 cm or a square pillar with a size of 15cm x 15cm up to a size of 20cm x 20cm.

Pillars as the main support of the building with the number of pillars adjusted to the size of the building in length and width. As the main support for the building, of course, glugu wood which is old strong and not porous inside is chosen.

The floor of the building is composed of glugu boards with floor slats supporting it so that it is sturdy when used. The wall is also the same as the glugu board which is assembled to form a wall with a frame of wall frame.

The roof and roof truss are arranged in such a way as to be sturdy and not dangerous. The strength of this coconut wood house is quite durable if routine repainting maintenance is carried out.

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