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The Fire Incident Hit Jepara Furniture Warehouse

The fire incident again can not be avoided. A warehouse in Bawu Village, Batealit District, Jepara could not be saved from the red rooster's fury.

This was the umpteenth time the fire had hit H Bawazir's warehouse in RT 22 RW 5, Bawu Village, Batealit, Jepara. Fire is known to flare up and ravage all parts of the warehouse on Saturday (10/08/2019), around 1:30 a.m. WIB in the morning.

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The Head of the Fire Section at the PP Satpol Office and Jepara Fire Department, Surana, said the source of the fire was thought to have come from an electrical short circuit. The blackout effort was carried out by the officers assisted by local residents.

The furniture warehouse is known to be a place of production of a number of furniture. Sparks from electric korslenting, causing fire. He said he got the report directly to the crime scene to make a blackout attempt.

"The loss from this incident according to the estimated owner of Rp 100 million. A number of production equipment and production materials are known to have been burnt out. Luckily, there were no casualties in this incident, "Surana said, Saturday (10/8/2019).

Fire events have also occurred in a row in recent weeks in the Jepara region. The day before, on Friday (9/8/2019) at dawn, a fire broke out at Rengging Pecangaan.

A week ago, a large fire razed a large warehouse in the village of Kecapi. At that time the loss even reached approximately Rp. 4 billion.

He hopes that from these incidents the public can increase alertness. The dry season which started rolling now is prone to cause fires. Even at night though, fires can prove to occur if not alert.

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On Sunday there was also a fire that consumed a furniture warehouse in Kecapi, Kecamatan Kecamatan, Jepara (4/8/2019). This incident was first known by residents around 07.30 WIB.

Furniture warehouse PT. The Republic is known to belong to Didik Irawan, a citizen of Krapyak, Tahunan, Jepara. This fire incident was first known by Kecapi residents. They saw fire rising from the warehouse.

According to Suhadi (43), a resident of Kecapi RT 4 RW 6, residents immediately took the initiative to put out blackouts. The locked warehouse gate was finally forcibly dismantled, in an effort to extinguish the fire. But a strong gust of wind makes the fire enlarge in quick time.

"Residents then report to the fire department, and also try to notify the warehouse. We try our best to try to extinguish it, but the fire is rapidly expanding, "Suhadi said, at the scene.

Jepara District Government's Fire Department tried to resolve the situation by deploying 2 fire trucks and 3 water supply tankers. Water supply tankers that are deployed must have at least 5 refills.

According to Sudarno, one of the firefighters, efforts to extinguish the fire faced several obstacles. In addition to strong winds, there is a lot of flammable materials in the turf.

Efforts to localize the fire so that it does not spread to the settlement eventually become a priority.

"Provisional estimates, the fire comes from the rest of the combustion in a wood oven. Because not yet completely dead, then enlarged and spread to burn some parts of the warehouse. Luckily there were no casualties, "said Sudarno.

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The owner of PT. Republic, Didik Irawan could not be reached for confirmation regarding this incident. But from one employee said, this incident caused losses of up to around Rp 4 billion.

The loss was estimated to occur because there were 5 containers of garden furniture products that were ready to be exported to the USA, caught fire. Besides that, there are still 2 containers of furniture products that are ready to be packaged.

"The company's losses, according to rough calculations, could reach Rp 4 billion. That is based on the value of goods that are ready to be sent and packaged, "said Reni Dwi Yana, Packing Supervisor at PT Republik.

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