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Knitting Ideas Through Woven Pandanus

JEPARA - Pandan duri for some residents of Bantrung Village, Batealit District, Jepara, generally used as raw material for making woven chairs and mats. No wonder the village was once famous as a pandanus craftsman village in Jepara. However, the phenomenon is still not optimally optimized.

One of the pandan woven craftsmen Ahmad Sodiqin, said almost all craftsmen made wicker for chairs. There are also those who produce mats, but those who work are already old. "Even then there are only one or two people who make mats," he said, Sunday (28/7).

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In addition to the regeneration of craftsmen, he hopes that innovations will emerge that can be produced from pandan duri. Sodiqin told a story, if there were people who used to make various handicrafts in the past. But just for a moment and just stop without any continuation.

Capturing the great potential, Unisnu Jepara students from alternative KKN participants created various product innovations. Such as wall decorations, tissue boxes, flower vases, souvenirs, and other useful objects from the raw material for pandanus thorns. "Turning woven pandanus waste into a useful object must go through a number of stages," said the Chairman of the alternative KKN Bantrung Village, Istijab Yudha.

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First of all, pandan leaves are separated between leaves and thorns using nylon thread. Then sorted according to the width of the leaves, then dried in the sun to dry. After being dried, pandanus is formed into strands of string and woven into a sheet pattern. "Immersed with the back of the knife first so that the dried pandan leaves can open and be easily formed," he explained before the millennial generation.

The next process, is gluing strands and plaits that have been strung in an existing pattern or framework. With the aim of strengthening the craft so that it lasts longer. Once finished, the handicrafts are returned to dry in direct sunlight. Entering the final stage, the craft is given an artistic touch of coloring, and added knick-knacks.

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It is not only proven to create various useful items of economic value, and at the same time the people's interest. Students totaling 15 people under the guidance of lecturer Muhammad Husni Arafat, also revived the interest of the younger generation in cultivating pandanus crafts.

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