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Unisnu Students Exhibit Furniture Product at JIFFINA 2023

Students from the Nahdlatul Ulama Islamic University Jepara Product Design Study Program (UNISNU JEPARA) have taken part in the Jogja International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia (JIFFINA) 2023 exhibition at the Jogja Expo Center, 11-14 March 2023. With the theme "The Power of Eco Lifestyle for Global Market", the JIFFINA 2023 exhibition displays various kinds of eco-friendly furniture products from around 300 exhibitors including Furniture Product Design by UNISNU JEPARA students. The products displayed include the best rattan, outdoor furniture, and home decor.

The Jepara UNISNU student has brought 15 furniture products as superior works of furniture. The work is a student actualization designed to fulfill the requirements for the Product Design course, and also as a "Final Project". JIFFINA itself is an international event that has been regularly held at the Jogja Expo Center since 2016, and since 2018, the UNISNU JEPARA Campus has never been absent from exhibiting superior products made by its students at the international exhibition.

At JIFFINA 2023 this time, UNISNU JEPARA Product Design assigned three students to promote superior products by the UNISNU JEPARA Despro Study Program, the three students were Yogi Firman Saputra, Galang Riezqi Aesa, and Achmad Luqmanul Khakim.

The Head of the Product Design Study Program also accompanied his students in the JIFFINA exhibition. The Head of the UNISNU JEPARA Product Design Study Program, Dwi Agus Susila, M.Sn., said that UNISNU JEPARA Product Design is part of the furniture industry which is engaged in the world of education and has profiles of graduates of furniture designers, visual merchandisers, drafters, junior designers, entrepreneur designers and academic designer.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology UNISNU JEPARA, Dias Prihatmoko, S.T., M.Eng., who was present at the opening of JIFFINA 2023 also said that the agenda for large exhibitions such as JIFFINA 2023 should be attended by students and lecturers of the UNISNU JEPARA Product Design Study Program, with the aim of introducing the design ideas and concepts of student furniture works to producers and buyers directly.

As a result, the UNISNU JJEPARA Product Design Study Program booth was visited by several buyers from Australia, Belgium, the Middle East and Asia. Students get positive input on design scope, wood quality, and multi-material successors from furniture production.

The visitors admired the work of UNISNU JEPARA Despro students who dared to leave the campus safety zone to introduce their work to international exhibitions. The Governor of DIY, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X directly opened the JIFFINA 2023 exhibition. When visiting the UNISNU JEPARA Despro stand, he advised students to be able to compete on an international scale.

"Continue to improve the quality of the products offered, study market strength and buyers' wishes. Furniture production has novelty and high cultural value.” Sri Sultan's message to UNISNU JEPARA students.

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