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Jogja International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia Targeted Up to IDR 369 billion.

As many as 5,000 furniture and craft buyers from within and outside the country will certainly attend the Jogja International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia (Jiffina) on March 11-14 2023 at the Jogja Expo Center (JEC). Meanwhile, the total money that will be spent during the 4 day event is targeted to be up to IDR 369 billion.

"This year the target is for shoppers or buyers to spend up to US$24 million or around Rp.369 billion. The composition that came was 60 percent or 3,000 buyers from within the country and 2,000 from abroad," said JIFFINA Director Yuli Sugianto, to journalists in Yogyakarta, Wednesday (8/3).

Yuli explained that Jiffina was the largest furniture and craft exhibition event in Indonesia which was held outside Jakarta. Because Jogja is a tourist city, Yuli said, Jiffina also deserves to be called the craziest shopping tourism event in Yogyakarta.

"Imagine in just 4 days, furniture and craft shoppers spend up to hundreds of billions of dollars. One person, if the foreign buyer is at least 1 container, around IDR 400 million – IDR 1 billion. There is no maximum limit, it can be tens of billions. Jiffina is arguably the craziest shopping tour in Jogja," explained Yuli.

According to their country of origin, foreign shoppers are dominated by Americans, numbering up to 900 people. Then followed by shoppers from Germany, Holland, England, France and Spain. Only then were buyers from China, the Middle East, Korea and other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand followed by buyers from Africa.

The profile of these buyers, Yuli explained, was dominated by owners or purchasing managers from networked furniture and craft stores in their respective countries.

“That could be 1 person owning 20-30 furniture and craft shops in his country. Yes, here it's like the owner of Ace Hardware or Informa, for example, "explained Yuli.

Buyers from the Netherlands, according to Yuli, have their own uniqueness because the Netherlands is the strongest hub country in the European market so that Dutch shoppers can dominate the furniture and craft trade in many European countries.

"From the Netherlands, 1 person can buy many containers because they really understand our products and at the same time control many furniture and craft trading networks throughout Europe," explained Yuli Sugianto.

As for shoppers from within the country, they are usually furniture and craft store owners who are dominated by Jakarta and Bali by domicile, then followed by big cities from all over Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and so on. In addition, local buyers are also housing developers or contractors, hotels and restaurants.

So according to Yuli, for 4 days on March 11-14, Yogya will truly receive blessings because of the arrival of tourists whom he calls tourists with "deep pockets."

"It is clear that hotels with 5,000 rooms costing over Rp. 1 million will be blessed. It's already Rp. 5 billion, right? It hasn't become crowded with planes yet, eating and drinking, visiting tourist attractions, and of course they also buy clothes and other souvenirs."

"We estimate that if 1 person spends at least Rp. 10 million for accommodation for 4 days, that's already Rp. 50 billion, a blessing for Jogja apart from shopping for furniture and crafts, that's it," explained Yuli Sugianto.

Apart from on the spot shopping activities at JEC, Jiffina buyers also had the opportunity to conduct Factory Visits to furniture and handicraft production houses in Jogja and Central Java as well as sightseeing tours to tourist objects in Jogja.

"And everything is free, part of our service for buyers," said Yuli.

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