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Domestic and Export Market Opportunities, ASMINDO Holds Rekernas 2023

To strengthen performance for the next five years, the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (ASMINDO) held a National Working Meeting (Rakernas) at the SOUTH78 Gading Serpong Building, Tangerang, Banten. The National Working Meeting, which was held for two days (27-28 January 2023), is the first National Working Meeting for the 2022-2027 management service period.

The National Working Meeting was opened by the Minister of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (Menkop UKM) Teten Masduki, and was attended by officials from the relevant ministries, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, universities, NGOs, related associations, ASMINDO partners, and of course the Advisory Board, Advisory Board, Expert Council, ASMINDO's Central Executive Board and Regional Commissariat (Komda).

This time, the theme that was carried out at the National Working Meeting was "ASMINDO Rising Together to Support Strong Indonesia". This theme is a form of ASMINDO's unbroken commitment to contribute to national economic growth.

In his remarks, Minister Teten appreciated ASMINDO's determination to help the government increase national growth, one of which was outlined in this National Working Meeting.

"First of all, I appreciate Asmindo, which continues to encourage furniture and craft players to continue to grow enthusiastic, competitive and also contribute to national economic growth," said Minister Teten in front of the National Working Meeting participants and invited guests.

Minister Teten emphasized that the government always supports the development of MSMEs in the country, including the furniture and handicraft sector. The support provided by the government is applied in the form of a number of programs, including the government program for spending on domestic products.

In this program, the government allocates 40 percent of the state budget to buy MSME products in the country. "This year the state budget is in the range of 3000 trillion, if 40 percent is taken for spending on cooperative and MSME products, it is quite large," explained Minister Teten.

However, Minister Teten reminded MSMEs not to ignore product quality because in the domestic product spending program, the Government still pays attention to product quality.

Therefore, the Minister of Teten encouraged MSMEs to ask with great effort so that the products produced were of high quality. "We have prepared a KUR Cluster policy concept to encourage this partnership," said the Minister of Teten.

It doesn't stop there, the government is also trying to waive entry fees for Indonesian products to a number of countries, especially Europe. One of the countries on the European continent that agrees on this entry fee is Switzerland.

"With the EU being tough, it hasn't succeeded, so we can use Switzerland's entry point to enter the European market, even though later there will be a 40 percent limit. But in Switzerland there are about 2,500 companies that are world suppliers, so they need goods," said Minister Teten.

Chairman of ASMINDO Dedy Rochimat expressed his gratitude for the government's support to ASMINDO. This support is a driving force for ASMINDO to improve the quality of its performance. Dedy explained that in the future work program, ASMINDO will concentrate on working on the domestic market, and also targeting export market opportunities. To achieve all of this, there are four missions, namely, first, to encourage the growth of innovation and creativity in business actors.

Both produce products that have high productivity values and have optimal added value. Third, building a positive image as a producer of furniture and handicrafts at the international level, and Fourth, motivating members to build local brands that are recognized domestically and internationally.

To ASMINDO members, Dedy advised them to be open in providing useful information as well as the obstacles they are facing so that a way out can be found. At this National Working Meeting, a number of experts were presented who could provide input to ASMINDO members in running their business. They were

  1. Hermawan Kartajaya (ASMINDO Expert Council / Founder & Executive Chairman, MarkPlus, Inc. & Marketeers Indonesia),
  2. Prof. Djisman Simanjuntak (ASMINDO Expert Council / Chancellor of Prasetiya Mulya University, Jakarta),
  3. Reni Yanita (Director General of Small and Medium Industries, Ministry of Industry),
  4. Dr Ali ST. MSc. (Asdep for Regional Development and Supply Chain, Deputy for SMEs, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs) and
  5. Miftah Farid (Director of Creative Products and Services Export Development, Directorate General of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade).

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