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Garuda Pancasila Symbol is made of Teak Wood

We produce this latest product to meet the needs of the garuda pancasila emblem in your office. The Garuda Pancasila symbol is made of teak wood and also has mahogany wood.

We can also make this Garuda Pancasila symbol in accordance with the laws in force in Indonesia. The Garuda Pancasila symbol as an official symbol in all offices shows that we are an Indonesian nation. A great nation, a united nation under the auspices of Bhineka Tunggal IKa.

We make this Garuda Pancasila Coat with various sizes. ranging in size from 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm and custom. You can measure your office space. whether it is large or small. and at least, every office room has this Garuda Pancasila symbol.
To contact us, you can call the following number: 085226419624 or 085728151032.

Thank you for visiting our furniture store Jepara Gallery Furniture. Please shop for quality furniture here. Because only here you can get it with the best quality. If you are interested in making an order, immediately contact our CS on this web page.

Ordering Products for Garuda Pancasila Emblem is very easy and safe, you don't need to come to our company. You only need to contact our telephon number or SMS, and can also pass WhatsApp. For the price of this product is very cheap and affordable, because we sell it at the right price. Here you can also buy other furniture products. SPEAKING the existence of a group, the symbol becomes important as part of identity. For a country called Indonesia, the symbol of the country in question is Garuda Pancasila. Determination of this state symbol is a long process of the history of the nation's journey as well as the uptake of the aspirations of the founders of the nation.

Sultan Hamid II is behind the creation of the image of the state symbol of Garuda Pancasila. This man named Syarif Abdul Hamid Alkadrie is the eldest son of the 6th Sultan of Pontianak, Sultan Syarif Muhammad Alkadrie. The drafting of the state symbol was a continuation of the recognition of Indonesian independence by the Dutch through the Round Table Conference in 1949.

Sultan Hamid II who was then Minister of State of Zonder Portofolio got the duty of President Soekarno to plan, design and formulate the image of the state symbol. Then, January 10, 1950, formed the composition of the drafting team of the State Badge Committee.

The position of coordinator occupied by Sultan Hamid II with technical committee Muhammad Yamin as chairman and its members are Ki Hajar Dewantara, MA Pellaupessy, Mohammad Natsir, and RM Ngabehi Poerbatjaraka. The team's core tasks are selecting the state emblem design and then submitted to the government.

Initially, the design of the emblem of the state was brought up two main designs, namely the work of Sultan Hamid II and the work of Muhammad Yamin. Over a number of considerations, selected the work of Sultan Hamid II. It was not immediately accepted. There was a lot of discussion between the designers of the work together and Soekarno and M Hatta.

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