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Natural Stone Carving Handicraft Products From Magelang

Natural stone carving craft continues to develop amidst the times with increasingly attractive and varied products. Natural stone from the mountains becomes the choice for producing attractive carving handicraft products.

The craftsmen of natural stone carving art continue to develop to produce increasingly diverse work products. This can be seen through the production of stone carving craft which was originally only a limited simple item for household needs has now developed into an art that is commercial and has economic value.

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The natural stone carving handicraft products include the form of stupas, decorative lamps, arches, relief stone wall ornaments, fountains, joglo pedestals and various interior element products to beautify the residence.

One of the centers of natural stone carving handicraft art production is Sewan Hamlet, Sedayu Village, Muntilan District, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Sewan Village is one area that is famous for having good quality natural stone sculpture crafts. That is because, raw materials for natural stone crafts come from Mount Merapi, which are available around the area.

According to Purwanto from Raka Art Stone, his party has been in the natural stone sculpture business for decades and has produced a variety of quality natural stone handicraft products. Raka Art Stone, among others, produces natural stone crafts, fountains, lanterns, sculptures, river stone sinks, wall hangings or wall ornaments, arches, reliefs, stupas, munthu, mortars, and others.

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Raka Art Stone accepts orders from consumers and orders will be done as much as possible according to the wishes of the customer. Orders will be done by natural stone craftsmen who are experienced in their fields. Regarding the design and size can be adjusted to customer demand or according to existing design standards.

Purwanto explained, if the buyer already has his own natural stone lantern design and size, then his party will be able to work according to the customer's orders and desires. Demand and ordering of natural stone carving handicraft products is increasingly developing after being marketed online via the internet.

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Actually the craft of natural stone sculpture has been known since long ago. It is not easy to make a work of art, especially if the material used is natural stone. Starting from making a design drawing to the carving process requires a very high concentration. In addition, it also takes extra hard energy and enthusiasm to remain able to maintain its business in modern times like today.

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