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3 Uniqueness of Central Java Joglo Traditional Houses

Joglo traditional house in Central Java is an Indonesian culture that must be preserved to the children and grandchildren. This traditional Central Javanese house has many uniqueness that attract the eye's attention when looking at it. You can find many pictures and information through the internet page, both Joglo houses that have been modified or are still original.

Joglo Central Java traditional house is another characteristic besides Central Javanese traditional clothing. And until now the existence of this traditional house is still maintained by the local community. One of the distinctive features of Joglo Central Java traditional house is having a spacious terrace without a partition. Where the purpose of the terrace is widely used as a place to serve guests at family events and more. Examples of its uses for male and female weddings, celebrations (thanksgiving / salvation), puppet shows and other customary events that have become a tradition for generations.

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While at the front, the form of a traditional Joglo Central Java house is rectangular and has a door located right in the middle. History states that this Joglo traditional house is only used by rich people. Those who built Joglo houses to symbolize the level of welfare of a family. so that this house was only owned by a rich person.

The Joglo traditional house in Central Java has 4 main pillars whose position is in the middle and named as Soko Guru. This symbolizes the degree of family having 4 things, throne, position, woman and child.

There are 3 Uniqueness of Central Java Joglo Traditional Houses which symbolize the level of prosperity, namely:

1. Spacious Terrace & No Bulkhead

Large open-plan terrace in Joglo traditional house in Central Java provides many functions. One of them can enjoy the togetherness of fellow citizens on one terrace. Moreover, the spacious terrace has no dividing barrier. The spacious terrace serves as a place to hold various events, both family events and joint events. That way there is no need to rent a place when making a big event. Can be done at home.

2. Joglo houses have 4 Soko Guru

It is said that the 4 pillars are called Saka Guru, which means, the teacher is: the main pillar of the house. Metaphorically something that is the enforcer of a building in a Joglo traditional house with 4 pillars.

3. Only Rich People

Directly, the existence of Joglo Central Java traditional houses shows differences in social class in the community. Because for those who belong to a weak economy, it is certain that they cannot build the traditional house. Even so, the existence of Joglo traditional houses can recruit workers because there are many things to do and homeowners will not be able to handle it themselves. Especially when making an event show.

In addition to the Joglo traditional house, the Central Java area also has other traditional houses, such as the Panggangpe traditional house, Tajug traditional house, Kampung traditional house, and traditional Limasan house. At other times we will discuss one by one.

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