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The Dekranasda Craft Product Exhibition 2019

The Dekranasda Craft Product Exhibition at the 2018 Central Java People's Party at Widuri Pemalang Beach closed with a transaction value of Rp. 151,439 million. The exhibition of Dekranasda's craft products was attended by 62 booths from regencies / cities in Central Java Province. There are also other provinces that participated, namely from East Java, South Kalimantan, DIY, and Lampung. With the value of the transaction, the Dekranasda exhibition was able to attract 19,500 visitors.

In addition, in the People's Party the digital creative industry products were joined by 50 MSME booths and creative companies. Closed with a transaction value of Rp. 78 million.

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At the 2019 Central Java People's Party, various creative and innovative products, cultural arts from 35 districts / cities, and various contemporary activities will be followed. Various activities in the framework of celebrating the 69th Anniversary of Central Java Province performed stunningly in Wonogiri Regency on August 23-25, 2019.

In addition to presenting a variety of arts and cultural performances of each region as well as a variety of superior handicraft products, the community is also involved in a variety of positive and educational activities. One of them is a scientific work competition specifically for high school / vocational high school students with the theme of environment and waste management.

As for the general category, the theme is disaster management. Through the competition titled "Environment and Disaster", it is expected to be more able to introduce and provide understanding to the community, especially the younger generation about the importance of protecting the environment and managing waste.

Another interesting thing to be held is the exhibition of innovations from various SKPDs, including the transportation sector organized by the Department of Transportation. One of them is the exhibition of Smart Traffic Helmets (Halilintar) which is an innovative work of SMAN 1 Demak students. This innovative helmet designed by Central Java students as a solution to road safety today.

Head of the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office of Central Java Sinoeng Noegroho Rachmadi in his presentation explained, the People's Party of Central Java 2019 has the main concepts, namely responsive, competitive, innovative and creative. The elaboration of the main concepts in the activities of the people's party was realized in various groups of activities in an integrated manner and directly touched the community.

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"Ie by displaying various arts and cultural attractions, promotions, marketing information, trade, tourism employment, creativity, youth sportsmanship, sports, and mutual cooperation," said Noegroho.

The activity that carries the theme "Ngrumat Bebrayan" or means caring for togetherness in life, aims to make people more familiar with and manage the potential and diversity of regional culture, so as to regain a sense of love and pride in Central Java.

"In addition, it also supports the realization of the vision and mission of the Governor of Central Java 2018-2023 towards a prosperous and self-reliant Central Java, strong and still mboten mboten corruption corruption," he added.

Various activities are held from the pre event or August 18-22, during the event (August 23-25), until the post event (August 26-31). Among them are seminars or outreach on the historical values ​​of the struggle of the nation, workshops for creative economy entrepreneurs, craft product exhibitions, job fairs, subsidized food sales of batik motif design competitions for the public and students.

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"There is also a painting competition for trash cans, a stadium mural competition, activities to collect garbage in the city area and to plant trees at least 1,000. "In addition, Dekranasda Carnival, ketoprak performances, exhibitions made by the Social Service Institution," he explained.

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