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A Furniture Factory Fire Thought to have been extinguished rekindled

The Chinese-owned furniture warehouse Mr. Chen in Rengging Village, Pecangaan, which caught fire last Thursday (29/8), left fire until yesterday. A pile of black wood charcoal that has not been dismantled has triggered a fire.

Fire emerged from the charcoal pile. Some of the remaining wood and charcoal has been dismantled. But some are still in the wood storage area during a fire.

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Even though the fire had been declared extinguished on Thursday (8/29) night. However, firefighters received a report, the fire re-ignited yesterday morning. At 09.00 the fire began to be extinguished manually by the workers. Then followed the fire team to the location by including six members and two fire truck units.

The blackouts are carried out in rotation from two truck units. The first truck unit uses up water to put out fires. After it runs out, the truck leaves the warehouse to get the water supply. While the second truck replaces the first truck to put out the fire. From 09.00 to 16.00 the fire could only be extinguished. Counting one truck, seven times in and out of the warehouse to take water supply.

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"The first day of the incident has been extinguished, fire and smoke no longer appear. However, the second day there was another fire, "said the Surana Fire Section Head (Kasi) yesterday.

He said he suspected the charcoal piles left over from fires still had high temperatures. Plus the hot weather and the wind. So that at the bottom of the pile of charcoal can still cause fire from the embers.

Reported earlier, the fire occurred on Thursday (29/8). Fire allegedly from a sawdust dump. There is a blower machine. There is a possibility of a short circuit on the engine that triggers sparks. There are also allegations of fire originating from a wood oven. The oven exploded due to heat pressure from inside.

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From this fire, the amount of loss cannot be calculated yet. In addition, it also caused one victim who suffered burns. The victim is still being treated at RSI Sultan Hadlirin Jepara.

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