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Malaysian Minister Asks for Jepara Carving, But the Regent Refuses

JEPARA - To improve and revive the quality and passion of carving in Malaysia, the Malaysian royal government wants Jepara carving artists to be sent to the neighboring country. However, the request of the Malaysian government was refused by the Regent of Jepara, Akhmad Marzuqi.

The desire was conveyed directly by the Malaysian Minister for Development, Mohd Redzuan Yusuf, during a visit to the Jepara Regency Hall on Monday (10/22).

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"We want to learn with Jepara to restore the carving industry in Malaysia that has vanished. In addition to attracting the interest of young people working in carving industries whose businesses are so large," said Redzuan.

Redzuan said, currently in Malaysia itself there is carving but not as big as in Jepara which has many carving artists. A total of 400 art workers spread across Selangor, Johor, Kelantan and Malacca.

He said he wanted a partnership by sending a Jepara carving coach to be sent to Malaysia to teach carving there.

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"So far, Malaysia has not been seen, but we seem to have finished the product. While the way we carve is also less visible. For this reason, we want the coaches from Jepara to be sent to Malaysia to train Malaysian young generation carvers, "he said.

However, the desire of the Malaysian minister could not yet be fulfilled by the Regent of Jepara Akhmad Marzuqi. However, the regent did not mind if Malaysia wanted to learn carving in Bumi Kartini.

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"Regarding the request, we have not been able to fulfill it, because we know that they are good institutionally. But at the lower level, we can find out along with recognition like Reog Ponorogo, finally batik. Lest Jepara's carving art be recognized. However, if they want to learn here we give knowledge, we cannot grip on knowledge. But don't let our energy be exploited there, "said Marzuqi.

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