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Traditional Hand Made Benches

We supply traditional hand made benches, carvers, ladder back chairs and carvers which come with either rush or wooden seats.  We also supply balloon back chairs to accompany the Louis Philippe Tables.

teak benches

To most of us a chair is just a chair but there are a number of things to check.  Most chairs are in fact made of beech not oak.  To be fair beech is a very good wood for making chairs as it can be shaped and takes on the colours of  woods very easily and so it can be made to look like oak, cherry or walnut at a fraction of the price.  However because beech is cheaper than oak it is used to cut costs and at the end of the day will not last as long as oak.

We have not seen anything on the market that is comparable in terms of construction finish and price to our ladder backs and carvers.  This is a bold claim but here are a few pointers to look for. 

To start with all our ladder backs are made in France from oak and not beech.  If in doubt compare the weight.  As we have said beech is a good wood but it is not as expensive as oak and ultimately oak is the king.

Secondly look at the basic construction of the chair and you will find many ladder back chairs have the cross members of the back just glued in position.  If they are glued and dowelled the dowels are often left proud of the wood.  All our ladder back chairs and carvers are glued and dowelled and the dowels are finished flush with the rest of the wood.  It takes longer but the results are worth it.

These prices are direct from us The average price for our chairs from other sources in fact an inferior product made from beech.   Our carvers regularly sell in the UK for each and inferior products are around the same price.  If the price is much cheaper it will have come from Eastern Europe and will be machine made or not made from oak. But we are from Jepara, Indonesia.

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