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Furniture Product Competition must be with Technology

Competition in furniture and furniture products in an increasingly tight global market, requires domestic industry players to be able to increase business competitiveness. Efforts can be made to increase production, one of which is by applying technology.

"The use of technology can be a solution to catch up with other countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam and China," said Secretary General of the DPP Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association (HIMKI), Abdul Sobur, Thursday (8/22/2019).

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With the use of adequate technology, according to him not only can increase production capacity of the domestic industry. But it can also increase the efficiency of production costs. "Production efficiency can only be done by using technology. Even the portion can reach 20-30 percent, "he explained.

Related to the assumption that sophisticated technology is always expensive, in his opinion is not always true. Therefore, in the 2019 International Furniture Manufacturing Components (IFMAC) exhibition in Jakarta, 9-12 October, it can become a reference and motivation for domestic players.

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Meanwhile, Chairman of HIMKI Solo, Adi Dharma S added that Central Java and Solo Raya are centers of furniture production and furniture crafts. It's just that, of the hundreds of HIMKI members in Solo Raya, not many have done the rejuvenation of production machinery. Because the costs are considered expensive. "Indeed, there are already various facilities from the government. But because of lack of socialization so its utilization is not optimal, "he explained.

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From the data recorded, he said that industry players in Soloraya who had been rejuvenating production technology with facilities from the government were only around 8 percent. So the numbers are quite minimal. "Therefore we continue to encourage industry players who are currently still using the old pattern, to gradually move to modern or by using sophisticated technology," he said.

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