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The CRAFINA 2019 Exhibition in JCC

The use and use of handicraft products is now a lifestyle trend of developing countries in the world, including in Indonesia. Today, artisans in Indonesia have produced many innovative and extraordinary handicraft products that have been able to compete in the international market. Indonesian handicrafts have been transformed into products that are loved and loved by many people around the world with a variety of shapes, patterns, designs, and qualities that have high selling value, without leaving their main function.

Indonesian handicraft products on the international market are the most sought-after products that are balanced with competitive prices and prioritize the tastes of domestic and foreign markets. Indonesian handicraft products are expected to contribute significantly to public welfare and national economic growth.

To continue to support the development of new ideas, creations and innovations for Indonesian handicraft industry players, ASEPHI (Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers) in collaboration with Mediatama Binakreasi for the 12th time held CRAFINA on October 16-20 2019 in the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center.

With the central theme "From Natural Resources to Creative Products for Lifestyle", CRAFINA 2019 is expected to be the main attraction for artisans, businessmen, producers and the public to explore the multicultural richness of Indonesian culture and elevate the originality of Indonesian handicraft products by utilizing sufficient natural resources in Indonesia in producing superior handicraft products.

The CRAFINA exhibition, which is an exhibition of superior products based on textiles, wood, rocks, metals, minerals, fiber, leather, and others became a means of promotion for Indonesian handicraft industry players to showcase, introduce and market the handicrafts they have to the wider community who can later support the development and existence of Indonesian handicraft products.

This CRAFINA 2019 exhibition is a medium to showcase the best works that are always awaited and awaited by Nusantara Handicraft lovers. You can make a visiting schedule and see the best products from Indonesian folk handicrafts.

Profile Exhibition:

Event Name : CRAFINA 2019 - The 12th Resources of Indonesian Craft Trade Fair

Themes: From Natural Resources to Creative Product for Lifestyle

Date Event: October 16-20, 2019

Venue: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Plenary Hall, Main Lobby, Assembly Hall - Jakarta

Product Display: Handicraft, Batik, Jewelry, Gift Items, Housewares, Home Decoration, Toys & Games

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