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Residents of Jepara Carve Together with Ganjar

 Jepara residents are used to carving wood. However, the opportunity to work with presidential candidate number 3 Ganjar Pranowo is an extraordinary opportunity.

Yes, on Tuesday, January 2 2024, the white-haired politician stopped by the gebyok carving UKM in Blimbingrejo Village, Nalumsari District, Jepara. To absorb aspirations, he greeted and talked with the carvers.

Local residents stood along the road to the location when Ganjar arrived and were warmly welcomed.

After that, the former governor of Central Java immediately saw the carvers doing their work. In fact, Ganjar blended in while carving flowers with inlay and hammer.

Ahmad Nurdinsyah, a gebyok carver, will always remember that atmosphere. At that time, he had the opportunity to talk to Ganjar and teach him to carve.

Udin greeted him by saying, "Alhamdulillah, it feels really good to be able to carve with Mr. Ganjar. He is a friendly, kind and humorous person."

Udin stated that Gandar asked for instructions on carving techniques. Apart from that, Ganjar uses the theory he learned directly to draw flowers on gebyok.

He explained, "Yes, this is a floral motif and this is part of the gebyok."

Udin hopes that Ganjar, as a carving craftsman, can help Jepara carving craftsmen. primarily, facilitating access to capital.

According to him, "The hope is that there will be easy access to capital for carving entrepreneurs."

Even though many carvings are made in other countries, Ganjar Pranowo stated that Jepara carvings are still the world's favorite.

Thank God, Jepara is still an idol in terms of carving, especially gebyok. They are already adept at selling via social media. According to him, all that remains is to make access to capital easier.

The presidential candidate, together with Mahfud MD, stated that the government must take steps to maintain and develop the Jepara carvings.

The sign, "I think there needs to be a vocational school and Jepara to become a carving center."

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