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Soekarno BA Jepara Carving Artists

Jepara - Soekarno BA, who is known as the master of Jepara carving art, Monday (13/11-2023) at 08.15 WIB, breathed his last breath at the age of 79. He returned to God's bosom after being treated at RA Kartini Hospital since last Thursday. Soekarno left behind 1 wife, 4 children and 8 adorable grandchildren.

For Jepara carving artists, Soekarno was not only known as a teacher, but was also often referred to as a master. Because he has guided thousands of people to become carving artists. Not only those who live in Jepara, but also those from other regions in Indonesia. In fact, many of the students come from various countries. They have received knowledge and carving skills from the Master

He also has consistency in producing work over a very long period of time. Because he never stopped working since he sat at STM majoring in Decorative Carving Arts in 1963 until near the end of his life. Since STM, Soekarno's engravings have been sold for sale. Soekarno's work also decorates the Jepara room at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta

However, as he got older, Soekarno, who was born on January 20 1945, admitted that he continued to be restless. Because he saw that the carving art inherited from this nation's ancestors was increasingly being abandoned by its heirs. Not many young people are interested in this art, let alone pursue it. Young people now like instant things. Moreover, in Jepara there are no longer any schools that specifically teach carving skills

Course institutions also no longer exist and natural conservation by craftsmen's families is decreasing. If there is no special intervention and attention, one day Jepara's greatness as a carving city and even the world's carving center will gradually fade.

According to Soekarno, apart from the lack of schools that specifically teach carving, the salaries of carving artists are also one of the reasons why this skill is increasingly being abandoned. Because according to the recipient of the carving art preservation award, he sees that the salary of a carving artist is less than that of a carpenter and stone mason

This alumnus of the STM Department of Decorative Carving Arts, after completing his Bachelor's degree at IKIP Semarang, chose to serve as a teacher at his alma mater, STM Negeri Jerpara until it changed to SMIK Negeri Jepara and SMK Negeri 2 Jepara. He taught the subjects of projection, perspective and carving practice.

He was also sent to Korea, America and Spain to increase his knowledge. Soekarno was also the head of SMK N 8 Semarang and the head of SMIK Jepara. Also a vocational school supervisor until his retirement in 2005.

Sukarno was not only known as a teacher, but was also known as a Jepara relief and sculpture artist who had extraordinary abilities because of his consistency in work and ability. Until he was 76 years old, he was still producing work which was displayed in his simple show room on Jalan Pemuda 33 Jepara.

Until the end of his life, Soekarno still had the hope that Jepara Carving Art could continue to be preserved. Because he was a teacher, Sukarno saw that educational institutions had to become a condrodimuko crater for the birth of carving artists, loyal heirs to the nation's culture. That was also what the Master was worried about until the end of his life.

RIP Master. Hopefully in the future someone will be willing to continue your jihad, preserving Jepara's carving art. 

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