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Kaligrafi Indonesia want make University of Calligraphy Carving

Karima Kaligrafi foundation is a foundation whose its most activities in education and social field which has established since 2009. For the first time, Kaligrafi foundation opened a education practice and carving skill training on Carving Assistant field for 1 year Program ( equivalent with diploma degree). Then, one year later Kaligrafi foundation opened internal personal apprentice training to Jepara which has Carving Skill and based on Furniture.

In 2010, Karima Kaligrafi foundation opened a lifeskill sourses in sewing and electrical course which will be continued with early childhood education (playgroup) and Kejar Paket A (equivalent with Elementary Education grade), Paket B (equivalent with Junior High School grade), Paket C (equivalent with Senior High School grade). In 2010, Kaligrafi Foundation has planed to open an Carving Calligraphy School, and because of the limiting of finance, Kaligrafi Foundation makes a plan to make a University in carving major field as the main focus.

And next, Kaligrafi Foundation plans to make a University of Carving Calligraphy, too The background of Kaligrafi Foundation plans to make a University based on the empiric experience of its foundation’s board who is caring about the condition of culture carving service and education facilities which uncomfortable such as the limited of carver in Jepara, the carve university which is still concentrated in province.

So, if they want to study there, they have to pay a lot of cost. Not only for the study, but also for their daily cost. There are a lot of High School in Jepara and around it, and the citizen’s interesting to study in the higher level. So, Kaligrafi Foundation wants to make a University in Jepara. There are just some of University in Jepara. But actually, there are a lot of citizen who wants to continue their study into the higher level. The amount increased each year. It’s a great opportunity for Kaligrafi Foundation to hold the citizen who wants to continue their study.

Beside that, Kaligrafi Foundation tries to fight a global challenge which to strive the increasing skill of human resourch in all sectors will be done by foreign labor if the Indonesian human resourch are incapability and under the standard quality. Based on the growth of citizen’s demands of a good healthy service and a high citizen’s attention to participate in academic and health development by choose a university. So, Karima Kaligrafi Foundation wants to build a university which is given name KALIGRAFI INDONESIA UNIVERSITY.

Who wants help us please email us :

We hope its can be done.

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