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Extreme Modification Toyota Kijang Wrapped in Teak Wood

Jepara - Not only tables and chairs made from wood, but a 1986 Toyota Kijang Super car belonging to a Jepara resident was also modified to an extreme, with a body wrapped in teak wood.

Rusidi, the architect of the car wrapped in teak wood, Dukuh Pejing Rt 03 Rw 09, Tulakan Village, Donorojo, Jepara, admitted that he had built this old deer for several years.

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Not only as a display and collection, this modified pickup model car can also run normally like other vehicles in general.

The entire interior of the car is also wrapped with wood. The shift lever is carved with a dragon's head, the seats are also covered with pure teak wood and the steering wheel is given an additional wooden cover. On the outside of the car body, Rusidi also added various carved ornaments and several puppet figures in several parts of the body.

"All wrapped in teak wood, there are also additional Jepara carvings and puppet figures on the car body," said Rusidi.

However, when it comes to the engine, chassis and leg parts of Rusidi's vehicle, they still retain their defaults.

Rusidi added, the car wrapped in pure teak wood has indeed been coveted for a long time to be collected as a result of his work. Previously, he had also made a wooden motorcycle as well. However, it is possible that if anyone is interested in owning a wooden car, it can be sold as long as it is at a suitable price.

"Before I also made a wooden motorcycle from a Supra engine, and this time a wooden car with a Kijang engine. If anyone is interested, please feel free, as long as the price is right," he concluded.

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