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Jepara Carving Furniture Scattered Throughout the Villages

There are several Jepara carving furniture centers scattered in various Districts throughout Jepara Regency which are grouped based on the type and model of the superior carved furniture products produced. In general, the category of carving furniture centers in Jepara is divided into two categories, namely types of products that have special specifications and types of products that have formed production centers.

All types of indoor mahogany products have special specifications, especially to meet export needs or requests which include design, size, detail carving, material requirements, and others. These products are scattered in several special centers, mostly in Batealit District, Tahunan District, and the rest in Bangsri District and Kedung District. In the marketing stage, indoor mahogany products dominate because most exporters give orders to small craftsmen for these products.

All types of outdoor teak products or garden furniture that are done conventionally or with machines are found in Srobyong Village, Karanggondang Village, Plajan Village and several villages in Kembang and Keling Districts.

Relief products, which are masterpieces of carving craftsmen with special expertise that have never been produced in other areas, are superior products in Senenan Village as a relief center.

Types of chair products are scattered in several villages based on certain specifications, namely, Roman and manaco chairs are in Senenan Village, wine chairs are in Kedungcino Village, boat seats are in Bandengan Village, salina chairs feel in Sukodono Village.

Whole wood furniture in the form of shells, crabs, flowers and others has production centers in Sukodono Village, Langon Village and Sukosono Village. Sculpture carving and souvenir art products have a production center in Mulyoharjo Village as a Sculpture Center, and are located in Kuwasen Village and Kawak Village.

The sideboard and dining table have a production center in the village of Mantingan (for the dining room set chairs are usually taken from Sukodono and around other Mantingan villages).

Most of the sketches and gebyok are produced in Pekalongan Village, Kecapi Village and Karanganyar Village. The wardrobe, dining room cupboard, dressing table, have production centers in Kecapi and Bulungan Villages. The beds of all models have a production center in the Tahunan Village.

Most of the production centers spread over several locations with these specifications are business units belonging to small and medium industries, as producers who can directly interact with buyers or carry out production systems according to orders from large companies and exporters.

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