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The Largest Carving Furniture Industry in Indonesia

It's not complete if we take a walk to Jepara without buying the famous wood carving craft. Here we can find many carving artisans ranging from mahogany, resin, sculpture, and other carvings. Jepara is indeed one of the largest carving furniture industry in Indonesia.

They named Jepara carving as Jeporonan carving, having its own characteristics, showing that the carving was original from Jepara or not. One characteristic is the form and pattern. For motifs we can see from the Trubusan leaf which consists of two kinds, namely seen from the exit from the stem of the niche and which comes out of the branch or segment. Jepara original carving is also seen from the motif of tassels or the tip of the niche where the leaves are like a fan that is open, which at the tip of the leaf is tapered.

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In addition there are three or four seeds coming out of the base of the leaf. The niches rotate in an elongated and creeping style forming small branches that fill space or beautify.

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One of the centers for Jepara carving, we can find in Mulyoharjo Village, Jepara Regency, Central Java. This village is indeed proclaimed by the government of Jepara Regency as a tourist place that is devoted to being a tourist village where wood sculptures and chisels are made from wood.

Mulyoharjo village can be easily reached by vehicles because road access is already paved. In addition, it is located on the entrance on the edge of the highway, and is marked with a statue of a statue of a horse pictorial statue. The distance is only about two kilometers from the Jepara Regency Hall. You can find many typical Jepara crafts here, ranging from sculpture, calligraphy, reliefs, carved furniture, interior decoration, abstract sculptures, unique souvenirs. All of them are made of whole wood, carved, shaped, in such a way without interruption or wooden joints.

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This village is often visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign, for the purpose of looking for unique carvings, businesses, or just walking around. If you are on vacation in Jepara, don't forget to visit this place. Many shops or showrooms that look unique, nicely arranged. You can also buy beautiful souvenirs or other carvings to decorate your home.

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