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Home interior design is simple: Creativity & Economical

Having the interior design of a small house that is superbly designed and fantastically laid out is everyone's dream. However, people often misunderstand by saying that interior design is just a waste of money because a small house does not really need too complicated interior design. The fact is the opposite. You can always choose cheap, simple, yet attractive interior design ideas without spending a lot of money and causing problems with your budget.

Interior design is a process of space experience to find creative design solutions in creating functional spaces in interior environments that support the occupants' health, safety and well-being and improve their quality of life.

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Interior design includes various components such as conceptual development, sketching of ideas, space planning, site review, programming, research, communication with stakeholders of a project, construction management, and implementation of design.

By adhering to a variety of systematic and coordinated methods including research, analysis, and a combination of broad technical skills and knowledge into the creative process, low-cost interior design can unite these various components so that client needs and resources are met to create interiors that meet project objectives.

Home interior design is simple: Creativity & Economical

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Regardless of the style you will choose for your minimalist home interior design, this work will not be complete until you add some accents and focal points that you want to highlight. For that, you can adopt all kinds of strategies. In fact, even with minimal costs you can still have a simple and original simple home interior design. Here are creative low-cost interior design solutions for living rooms and bedrooms that are very easy for you to apply.

1. Color theory

The hardest decision when arranging a small home interior design is what color is right for a room. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can change the look of a room to make it look fresher and able to change your mood. But the most important thing is to give your favorite color.

2. Dynamic nuance

Dynamic atmosphere can be created with the concept of color. To change the atmosphere at home, you can choose bold colors to be more dynamic and vibrant. Combine with furniture colors and make new ideas. Give a mixture of different shades and use different patterns and textures to make it stand out like the following in the interior design of the living room.

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3. Own creative artwork

Another way to add a few accents to simple home interior design is to create your own artwork, even if it's just a simple sketch. This method will make the room feel more personal and intimate. You can make Calligraphy creations to make wall decorations inside the house.

4. Patterned canvas

Make special patterned canvas for display on the wall. You can use a cardboard template, freehand sketch, or something a little more artistic as in the picture below. Let your artistic talents speak.

5. Display collections

Sometimes a good way to save money is to use what you already have. So, you can organize a simple minimalist home interior design by displaying your collection items, it can be anything from stamp collections to old coins and old books. Use console type shelf to display your collection.

6. Headboard solution

Not all bedrooms have the space needed for headboards. In fact, if the room is big enough, the headboard can be very expensive. However, the headboard does not only imply comfort, but also about the style and effects it creates in the room. So, you can create that effect by using another method that is more economical, for example by installing a wall sticker or painting a headboard in your own style.

7. Mirror framed

In addition to making the room appear more spacious, the mirror has many functions in the room. Mirrors are also inexpensive interior design solutions and their flexibility allows mirrors to be used in almost all rooms. With a beautiful frame, the mirror can also be a beautiful work of art.

8. DIY Project

Sometimes you feel the need to change the decor of your room and add something fresh and new. For cheap interior design, you don't need to buy new furniture, but you can make it yourself creatively. In addition to feeling happy about making your own handiwork from recycling various furniture, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project is a cheap way to decorate your room. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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